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Photos by @leecherry
Makeup by @sutanamrull

See how it's done!!

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Snagged from [ profile] tjrpics, who got it, plus others, from a photoshoot with @twink6.


     -le sigh
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Plus some pretties
 tumblr_m304r7qZMC1qfvbt1o2_500 tumblr_m340f4kVfJ1qizt8ro1_500
I love Tommy's red hair!!

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This is a fun vid if you want to watch Tommy play a very cool bass somewhat self-consciously...awww.
Remember, click through to YouTube to boost the view numbers & to Like It!!!

and I like Pittman's little AC/ DC, Angus Young street walking impromptu performance. So cool.
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Promoting a new GlamNation Community for


Like gen fic and fanart? Come visit [ profile] glam_gen !

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I won!!!


I've already purchased a couple of things from AngelBatz, a little white with Tommy's eyes, in black, emblazoned across it
a very nice green bag, with his signature in white, that I carry in my purse and use instead of store bags. It is soooo soft and both are very well made.
As you probably know, AngelBatz is all about lending a hand to Tommy Joe Ratliff's family due to medical expenses incurred after his father's illness.
Here's what they say:

Very cool and, really, one of the best things about being a part of Adam Lambert's fandom.
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and as they so succinctly put it:
'This needs no editing. Simply gorgeous'.

Credit to Adam Bouska and the NoH8 Campaign
thanks to [ profile] bm_shipper for this info, who's made some icons which can be found here

On my Mood thingie, as you can see, I put - 'Impressed' -  but, had I been able to, I would have put - 'In Lust'.
I'd love to see what the little face icon would have looked like for that!!
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I should have done this awhile ago.

Based, in part, on [ profile] qaf_friends, [ profile] foreverbm ,[ profile] mira986 ,[ profile] lyrical_tragedy  [ profile] beccers4469  & [ profile] for_tainment  have started the new community [ profile] 4tainment , which has daily prompts for participation such as "VIDEO MONDAY',  or 'SCRIBE WEDNESDAY'.


Admittedly, my participation hasn't been consistent so far, just here and there, but the enthusiasm of the community has been wonderful.
f you need another outlet to express your love of all-things-Adam-and friends (and who doesn't?) then give this community a try. I think you'll be glad you did.
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Monte sings and plays guitar on this beautifully done video, which ends with the words:

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors
we borrow it from our children"

As usual, double click the vid so you'll be taken to YouTube
so we can increase his number of views and
if you do, which I'm sure you will, you can click Like It.

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They're both BLOND, right!!!!

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I've tried to make the process easy, it just takes a couple of minutes  not even. I rarely ask for favors, now, though, is one of those times.

Taken from the site
Written by: Matt Carter

'In what may be the most surprising move of the awards season yet, the People's Choice Awards have opened up the voting for the upcoming 2011 ceremony to the public -- and yet they are not giving Adam Lambert many opportunities at all in the field of music.

Here's how it is working -- the committee has selected 10-12 potential nominees per category, and the five with the most votes will be the actual nominees for the awards show itself (which airs early next year). You can also write in your choice for any category -- which is apparently what you will have to do if you want the "American Idol" singer to have a shot.

This snub is most obvious in the field of Favorite Breakout Artists, where people like Shontelle, Trey Songz, and Willow Smith are given more consideration than Adam. This is not meant to take anything away from those artist, but Adam's two top 20 hits -- not to mention an enormous global fan base -- speaks for itself. You could also make a case for Adam getting more love in the Favorite Male Artist category, where he was left out in favor of Kanye West, John Mayer, Jason Aldean, and Enrique Iglesias. (Adam also could have been a contender in Favorite Pop Artist or Favorite Song.)

So what do you think is going on here -- is an attempt to make the People's Choice Awards conservative, or was this an accidental oversight? More than anything, what are you going to do to ensure that Adam gets a nomination?' (my bold)

Here's what you can do:
1. go to the People's Choice site here
2. click on VOTE in the top purple bar
3. click that you're a visitor
4. the first poll is for movies, vote if you want, but otherwise, scroll down and click on the 3 red arrow catagories to write in his name )copy&paste 3x) and on the blue arrow catagory to vote for your favorite song if you have one. I voted for "Whataya Want From Me' not because it is my favorite song, that would be "Sleepwalker' or "Broken Open' , but because I think it has the best chance of doing well. After each vote, just scroll down as the categories are always at the bottom of the page.

I'm voting once a day until time runs out. There's a lot of time as this is for the 2011  People's Choice Awards AND it should be pretty obvious that I think he's being snubbed intentionally as he is the first openly gay pop artist to be signed by a major label, he's had sold out dates all across American and now throughout Asia and next into Europe. But apparently these people still don't think he deserves our consideration. HUH.

Sorry for not putting this behind a cut, but I want it out front, not back behind anything.

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Remember, click all the way to YouTube so, views count & 'Like' can be clicked by you. I post the vid here because of the pretty.

I realize I'm spamming you guys with this man -- I still have icons I've made & a story I've written so...beware --
and with this campaign, so be it.


Oct. 17th, 2010 06:50 pm
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THIS speaks for yummy

if you made this or know who did, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.
Thanks to [ profile] kellys_muse for pointing out that this is from vivrelamou's channel on YouTube, which can be found here
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On the day when Don't Ask Don't Tell is NOT repealed and so remains official military policy, Adam Lamert sang The National Anthem on a US Military base in the northwest.
Try to ignore the squeeing, close your eyes and just listen to his voice. Stunning.
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 click the above to go direct tothe  Glam a Classroom Page

is a 10-year old organization I'd never heard of until I started following the Adam Lambert fandom, but as it is sponsored not only by him but by two LiveJournal communities that follow him -- [ profile] hooplamagnet  and [ profile] teamlambliff  -- I took a look and have since donated a couple of times.

I especially like this way of giving as there is an immediacy to it and those who donate are able to see actual results as the teachers, all from improvrished areas across America who are in need and who have made requests for funding of their projects -- art and music and reading supplies as this is the part of DonorsChoose Adam has specifically chosen to be a part of -- use email and photographs to show what has been accomplished once their individual requests have been funded. Plus you are joining together with other donors who, after checking all the possibilities, chose the same project as you.

That having been said, I received the following in my email this morning and yes, this would be the part where I got teary-eyed. Such generosity astounds me, even having the ability to be so generous astounds me. And as this directly affects my state, California, it is just that much more awesome. Hopefully others of means will take note and do the same in every state.

Also: Through [ profile] teamlambliff , there is a Badgers and Creeper's Giving Page in honor of Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam's cute-as-a-button base player. This is a giving exchange where writers and graphics people will do what they do best in exchange for donations. More about that here.

The San Francisco Chronicle
Pleasant surprise for DonorsChoose schools

Out of the blue, in the middle of a recession, the phone rang. What would it cost, the caller asked the founder of, to fund every California teacher's wish list posted on the Web site?

The founder, Charles Best, thought perhaps the female caller would hang up when he tossed out his best guess: "Something over $1 million," he told her.

Twelve hours later, the woman, Hilda Yao, executive director of the Claire Giannini Fund, sent Best an e-mail. It said, in short, OK.

A day later, Yao mailed a check of more than $1.3 million to cover the entire California wish list, 2,233 projects in all, with an extra $100,000 tossed in to help pay for other teacher needs across the country.
The projects funded by the donation range from about $100 to cover pencil sharpeners or paper to thousands of dollars for technology,

"Use of the word 'miracle' is not an overstatement," Best said Tuesday, a day after 1,000 California teachers were notified that their needs were funded. "I think it's fair to say it's the best first day of school they've ever had."

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I've never done a big bang challenge, but this looks like fun.

So check out [ profile] lambliffbigbang  where you can find the five month -- starting September 6, 2010 and ending January 3,1 2011 -- schedule for the challenge and where you can sign-up, once the challenge begins, as either a writer or as an artist.

Also,this morning I found this short vid, from the happy folks at 'I Can Has Cheezburger', in my email and, while watching it, I was lovingly reminded of some fans -- many of the fans?? -- I've seen in the YouTube vids for the Glam Nation concerts.

See if you can tell what I mean.

I guess Preview isn't working today, but I have to say, once I figured out what I was doing, my second attempt, the new way of uploading graphics is very very cool.

Have a terrific weekend.


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