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About half-way through time-wise and I am closing this baby out as much of it no longer interests me or is relevant to my world or...whatever. This list was about projects and most of those I've completed. What remained were tasks out-of-my-control, either because they involved others or large sums of money, neither of which were necessarily or continually under my control.

My new list, which I will post tomorrow, is about lifestyle changes, but more about that later.

For now, I wanted to acknowledge what I did accomplish with the help of this really cool tool, the tasks I completed and the ones I didn't.
I have several sets at flickr that document all of this so, feel free to check-it-out. If interested...clickity click.


35 COMPLETED taska )

8 FAILED tasks )

I do realize those two number do NOT add up to 101, rest have been brought over to new list or *cough cough* ...whatever.
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The What
A book-length interview with Robert Rauschenberg done by Barbara Rose, art critic, in 1987.

The overview @ Flickr

If it's not enough to know that I found this little book very informative,
I love love love Rauschenberg's seriously dyslexic way of putting words together, and
that it only added to my already pretty intense adoration of this man, then please read my brief overview.

The Why: Have I ever explained why this is part of my [ profile] mission101  task list? Probably not. So, I will.

Early last year, after clicking on a link entitled 'the art of gay cool' provided by my 'The Daily Beast' email, I went just a little crazy. I like guys with guys, it's simple and as much as I like Brian/ Justin et al,, to find out that two of my ART HEROES were not only gay but, for a time, had been partners made me curious, made me want to know more like why I hadn't known that already.  After the past year of research, both internet and hard-copy books, while I do have more information at hand, with much of it conflicting, very little of my enlightenment comes from the two actually involved.  And so it will probably remain.

Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns were together in New York City between 1954, when Rauschenberg was 29 and sort of known and Johns was 24 and completely unknown, until around 1963 when both fairly suddenly found himself on the precipice of much fame and much fortune. Actually, fame had been lapping at their heels for three to four years, initially finding Johns to be a little more tasty than Rauschenberg which is partially why, I think, their relationship crashed down so hard around them. Much later in life, they were able to reclaim friendship, there are photos of them together as senior citizens.

Each, at one time or another, has been considered 'The Greatest Living American Artist' and the consensus is that each was the others very best support, guide, and friend. They came together during one of the -- if not THE -- most repressive eras of American history, more alleged homosexuals were fired from Federal jobs than alleged communists. They didn't survive it, at least not with each other, and even if their names will be eternally linked in the annals of art history. Only Johns remains, Rauschenberg died in 2008.  Neither had ever 'outed' himself, I think more out of respect for the privacy of the other, they are both southern gentlemen to some extent, and to do something so personal isn't, or wasn't, their way and for a time, their personal reputations took the hit for their, apparently, mutually minimal response to changing times. Now we are better able to put people and events in the context of their eras. Harvey Milk could proclaim himself, they couldn't.

And so, I think anyway, therein lies a great story. A true story mostly hidden. I'm going to try and write it, if only for myself, a short story which will most probably never even be post here. Fictional Memoir, from Johns POV, is one thought. Straight up Historical Fiction, from varying POVs, is another. Something along the lines of  'Loving Frank' by Nancy Horan except not so grand and realizing that  Frank Lloyd Wright had been dead a long time when Horan undertook her task while Jasper Johns continues to productively live his elegantly austere -- as if as a monk it's said -- life and will hopefully continue to do so for a very long time. Of the two, I admit, it's Johns who most touches my heart.

To quote Francesco Vezzoli from the above-linked The Daily Beast article, “To me, Rauschenberg and Johns are mythological as two serious, strong people, sharing ideas, and creating work together. I find that deeply inspiring.”

Ditto. Together, they filled the gap between Abstract Expressionism and Pop, leading art in American away from what had been to what would be. They are an art movement of two and like their work or not, just that, in and of itself, is pretty impressive.

Follow the link to Flickr for my set of them, many photos of the 1950's gay cool and their work, paintings, sculptures and combines.
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Normally, I post once a month regarding my book consumption but my computer went bad, I lost tons of information, had to refigure out so much, and consequently, got disgusted. So, it's taken until now to catch-up.

I've also decided on a new format. I'm posting all the book covers to flickr with a short synopsis on each. If a book interests, click on its cover and you will be transported to flickr and my concise run-down. Otherwise, I just like how it looks...pretty colors.

1.Research Abstract Expressionism_Irving Sandler’s The Triumph of American Painting: A History of Abstract Expressionism
2. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Gavin Butt’s Between You and Me: Queer Disclosures in the New York Art World, 1948-1963
1. Read every book offered up at my book club_due in March
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit and Three Other Plays
6. Read one poetry book per month_J. D. McClatchy (editor) The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry
9. Read one book per month about writing or poetry_James Wood’s How Fiction Works

March_began my second year so, changes were made
Art_remained the same for this month only
1. Research Abstract Expression_Irving Sandler’s The New York School: the Painters & Sculptors of the Fifties
Remains the same forever
1. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Barbara Hess’s Johns: Business of the Eye
Reading_remained the same
1. Bookclub_Kathryn Stockett’s The Help
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own
Reading_changed from -- 9. Read one book per month about writing or poetry to
9. How to: Daishin Buksbazen’s Zen Meditation
Deleted_6. Read one poetry book per month_Task Completed

Art_changed from research Abstract Expressionism to
1. Research POST Abstract Expressionism_Andy Warhol’s Popism
1. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Max Kazloff’s Jasper Johns
1. Bookclub_due in May
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_John Cage’s Silence
9. How to: Annelian Hagon’s The Yoga Face

1. Research post Abstract Expressionism_Irving Sandler’s American Art of the Sixties
2. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Robert Saltonstall Mattison’s Masterworks in the Robert and Jane Meyerhaff Collection-
Jasper Johns_Roy Lichtenstein_Robert Rauschengerg_Ellsworth Kelley_Frank Stella
1. Bookclub_John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_Henry Blake Fuller’s Bertram Cope’s Year
9. How to: Susan Sontag's On Photograph
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Most of my tasks require the duration of my [ profile] mission101  time to complete as in do something once each of the three years OR do so much, or so many, of something by the end of the three years. Either that or the tasks are very expensive as in travel or working on our house. Other than the books which just keep on coming.

So, when I actually am able to complete a task, or tasks, I am happy, in this case a couple of the 'working on our house' ones. That is I'm happy once the task's  completion is documented and I can post.

And, as I'm sure you know, any and all pics can be made overwhelming large by just clicking on them.

6. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in Lauren’s bedroom
(This was actually completed during Year 1 but I'm including it here.
Before: The carpet.
After: The nice wooden floor that was protected for years under the carpet.
Although it appears to be, the throw rug isn't running in the same direction, before it's perpendicular to the closet wall and after it's parallel to it.

7. Repaint & redecorate Lauren’s bedroom
Lauren's room was first done ten years ago when we moved into this little house and when she was five. She'd outgorwn it by the time she was ten, books, Books, BOOKS everywhere but we waited until she was fifteen to change it knowing it was going to be a serious bitch getting those little white shelves off the walls. And it was.
Before: Corner of Wall 1.
After: The Beatles poster was on my bedroom wall when I was her age only then, it wasn't framed because she rates.. We have other artwork to frame for the space to the left of the shelving but I got tired of waiting.

Before: Wall 1 my inadequate antique dresser.
After: Her Snoopy collection and a drawing I did with a far more practical nightstand.

After Wall 2: There is no before of the door/ closet wall.

Before Wall 3.
After: Now she has nicer bookcases, my favorite is the things on top of the cases, within which to house her books two layers deep.

Before: Wall 4.
After: The bed is exactly the way SHE wants it.

Finally, Lauren asked me to include these two as symbolic of the change
So I did. Before.
After: A little misleading but, she is able to keep her room much cleaner now that she actually has places to put her many many things.
And whose fault's that, mom.

It actually took me two hours to make this post, if there are any OTHER typos in it, I simply do not care.
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Under Home
8.  get quote from landscaper from two years ago.
9. get two more quotes
10. hire someone and get frontyard done

When we moved into this house, our frontyard sucked and our courtyard sucked.
I've managed with the courtyard

But the frontyard, not so much. because there are no sprinklers,
all and everything had to be watered by hand and I just got tired of dragging hoses around.
Now we have not only added sprinklers, the frontyard only, but we have landscaped as well...wheee!!!
         after )

        after )

after )
after )

Iz better, I can't wait until the plants have grown. Oh, and yeah, the backyard still sucks. Next year.
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My first Update can be found here

My second Update can be found here

Personal/ LJ

10. Get laptop’s screen fixed BEFORE it completely fails

This one is ANNOYING. I got the freakin’ thing fixed just to have it go bad again…out of warranty. Who among us is surprised? I know I certainly wasn’t. I was sure it was the same problem but no, first time was a broken hinge affecting the screen, second time was the actually screen itself gone bad. It was very difficult to tell the difference. Each time they (they being the Geek Squad) have taken my baby away, it’s been for THREE weeks. The first time we were back east, dropped it off on our way out of town and picked it up on our way back in but this last time, last month, not so easy. I was without.
Well guess what and no, I didn’t actually see this one coming. It’s NOT right, it’s still not right and life is soooo unfair. There two little horizontal lines are as a constant running along the bottom third of the screen. I have to send it back again. AGAIN people. Next week before it runs out of warranty again. I feel a little ill just thinking about it but this too shall pass…right?
Send it back, again for another three weeks which is why, I insist, I'm so behind on everything.

13. Sort 11 unpacked boxes in garage PLUS organize & condensed 12 holiday boxes into 3.

We live in very small house so everything that needs to be is stored in the garage and we’ve made a vow not to keep the cars in the driveway or out on the street like most around here do or maintain a storage garage somewhere. Still, I had unpacked moving boxes from when we moved in nine years ago PLUS unpacked boxes from when my father died in 2007 and I had to break down my parent’s home of over thirty years. This whole process of unpacking began easily enough, I am planning on writing about it for one of my experimental memoir stories one of these days, and simply snowballed until suddenly and quite unexpectedly, I was done. Everything that had been hidden in the dark of garage boxes now lives in the light of our home. Or went the way of the Goodwill.

14. Sort 9 unpacked boxes in garage loft

See above

15. Organize photos into 8 photo albums plus 1 photo box (a five year old Christmas present I'd never used)

It was actually completing this which some how started to give me room to do the above. I had all our photos stored in two big moving boxes in a closet and getting rid of those opened up space which lead to reorganizing other stuff in the closet which lead to opening up more space and so on.

16. Reorganize recipes, input into computer

First time I really organized our recipes Lauren was three, I was a stay-at-home mom and bored to death, no offense baby. I had to hand-write them all on index cards which I have kept in three Hallmark recipe books even as the cards got more and more messed up, splattered and annotated. Reorganizing involved going through all of those, discarding the never-will-be–made ones, going through all my cookbooks (before) and Xeroxing the pages of the possibly-will-be-made ones, getting rid of them (after) and then marrying up the two. Now it’s straight-into-the-computer.
I keep the printed-out recipes in file-folders with typical headings – chicken, salads, drinks, etc – in a single, and lovely, matching file-folder holder. When using them, I first decide on the main course, then the side or salad course and off they go to be Xeroxed on two single pages, one to cook from and one to shop from. Changes are made as necessary, a little more of this, a little less of that, to the cooking copy and then edited and reprinted and resorted back into the recipe’s proper folder. Easy freakin’ peasy.

19. Create flickr set to include pics & artwork from each of the artist studied including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Joseph Cornell, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Stills, Cy Twombly and Franz Klein so far.

This set is why I am delighted with Flickr, this and the set I created about Robert Rauschenberg & Jasper Johns and their art. I have all these amazing and wonderful and poignant photos, f them, of their artwork, that I’ve scavenged from ALL over the internet and all they do is float by me on my screen saver. Now, they can also hang out at Flickr, at least a few of them can. How cool is that?

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My First Update can be found here


4. Support daughter in decision regarding WestValley

Lauren’s high school offers students the opportunity to take high school and college courses starting at the junior level at West Valley Junior College. The program is not so much about academics, a B average (which she has) and being 16 (which she wasn’t) is all that’s required, but more about fitting in. Some kids thrive in a high school environment, some don’t. I disliked high school, I loved college. I may have been of some influence on Lauren but she also realized she wasn’t very much, if at all, tied into her high school. She ultimately decided not to go after having been accepted (they waived the age requirement), I think, when she realized that while it might be easy to leave her high school behind, it would not be easy to leave her best friend, Jimmy, behind.

8. Preparations for Boston & New York
Some stuff from Boston
          Some stuff from New York

This started out as two goals, one city in 2009 and one in 2010 but we finally figured whatthehell, since we’ll be back east anyway why not just take the train from either Boston to New York or the other way around and save ourselves the second flight out. The flight to either city from California is the really big, and expensive, deal. And so we did. After one wonderful week in Boston, we were in New York in four easy hours where we spent two fantastic weeks being touristy New Yorkers. Personally, I could have stayed much longer…like maybe forever. And Lauren and I will undoubted be using our photos from both cities for at least another 6 months to a year in [ profile] 100_snapshots.


3. Paint hallway_one side is light yellow, the other creamy white, not a huge difference but enough in actuality if not photographically.

When we got the kitchen remodeled in the summer of 2008, having some walls removed impacted the hallway and until I finally repainted it, it remained divided, of two worlds, part the old colors and part the new. Now we have unity and, therefore, harmony. I actually felt the house heave a sigh of relief. Wheee!!

6. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in daughter’s bedroom

This is a small part of the much larger task of ‘remodeling Lauren’s bedroom’. Original to this house, the wood floors have been protected by carpeting for years. One by one, we have been removing the carpet from the bedrooms, first the master and now Lauren’s with only the office to go. We have almost completed the remodeling task as well with just a couple of more boxes to be unpacked that, for whatever reason, she won’t do and with some pictures left to be hung when she finally tells me where she wants them. We’ve been going around on this for over two months, so seriously, give me a break. (I forgot to take a pic before removal so, pic shows torn out carpet in garage patiently waiting dumping. The refinished floors will show-up in the pics of her , FINALLY, redone bedroom for my month of March update.)

Personal/ LJ

5. Continue doing the monthly “one good thing” post on LJ for 2009

One of my favorite LJ writers, in and around the QAF fandom (he has this thing for Brian), is [ profile] big_brian_o  who, in 2008 in his Happy New Year post, asked that we do good things for each other and others. I decided to follow his advice by once a month posting about a cause or an organization that my family and I believe in. I don’t know if doing this helped any but it felt good doing it and that matters.
If you are interested, the posts can be found in my memories here. I talk about organizations that range from Defenders of Wildlife to the ACLU, from FreeRice to The National Trust for Historic Preservation.


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...I have completed my first year, as of March 1st, of [ profile] mission101  and I want to talk, if only to myself, a little about this first milestone. This comm. has meant a great deal to me, perhaps because I am one of the older ones who realizes that time is not unlimited, that it can, and so very often is, simply lost. I've gotten a lot done, more than I ever would have imagined and that makes me happy. Also, I want this year, to make my journal a little more personal, a little more friendly and all of this speaks, in its way,  to that.

I'm beginning with my 17 Year 1 (and in some case Year 2) Completed Tasks. In as much as I'd actually like someone to read this, I'm only going to reminisce about maybe three or four per day. Otherwise...overwhelming for anyone beyond myself. Then I'll post about my 2 Failed Tasks, why and what might have been done differently. Then, tasks in progress. Then, tasks Not in progress. Lastly, books books books which are pretty much the only part of this I have discussed and even then, only sporadically and rather dryly. goes. Oh, and one of my tasks in-progress is to document every completed or not completed task so each header below will take you to its corresponding posted-to-flickr graphic. Man,I gotta tell ya,  I am loving this.


13. Set-up flickr account

The screen-cap shows some of my flickr sets.
I thought this would be difficult to set-up but it wasn’t, although I still am not quite sure how to post using it and still rely on photobucket for that task. We have had our disagreements, Flickr and I, but all has been resolved to our mutual benefit. I now have 7 sets, all involving art or mission101 or 100_snapshots, with 302 uploads and with no end in sight. I really am enjoying this site and it, in and of its self, has encouraged me to be imaginative, creative, and organized.

1. Finish reedit of 'A Time From Now'

2. Finish posting of 'A Time From Now'
Each screen-cap shows its process complete, the first of the document when I finished reediting and the second of the final post.
I originally got on LJ so I could post this 'Queer As Folk'/ Brian_Justin/ post513 story many many – maybe 4 ½ or so – years ago but I had no friends then and didn’t even know enough to know I needed them until it was too late to find any readers. Much later, because an LJ friend was reading it and I was noticing a lot of mistakes through her comments – she likes to quote back to you the writing she’s commenting on - I decided to reedit it and post it again using her as my beta, a process that took forever. I’d gained some writing skills during the  two years that had passed between first posting and second by doing 'Queer As Folk' challenges and such. I began reposting in August of 2008 and by early 2009 was loosing interest. Mission101, my few readers and my beta/ friend kept me going, kept me motivated until finally in July 2009 I posted the 100th, and final, chapter with a much better story to my credit. One I’m very happy to have written and finally to have finished.

Collect 100 Favorite Poems_Part One_1 through 39

 And Part Two_40 through 100

The two scree-caps show, as best I could, the titles of the 100.
On someone’s [ profile] mission101  list, sorry I don’t remember who, she said she was going to create a book of 100 poems. While I don’t know how hers is going, mine for my daughter Lauren is going great. With the help of many wonderful LJ friends, I rather quickly gathered up 100 poems, in something like 7 or 8 months. That Lauren had a large poetry unit this year in English certainly helped as she, without knowing as this is a secret (shhhh), provided me with several favorite poems. I know her favorite Auden poem (Refugee Blues), her favorite e. e. cummings poem (Anyone Lived in a
PrettyHowTown) and her favorite O’Hara poem (Fortune Cookie) plus several more. Worked out well. Now I’m on to the graphics and have even put together, bare bones, several pages. Some poems avail themselves to imagery more easily than others. A couple were impossible and need to be switched out so I continue to collect new ones, just in case.

Eventually I hope to use the laying-out-of the-pages as my way into learning Photoshop, one of my still not-in-progress tasks.

3. Start process of getting daughter braces

The graphic shows Lauren's first appointment ticket wedged between the whiteboard and the stone-like magnet.
This was something I’d been putting off for various reasons - husband laid-off so no insurance blah blah - should have been started when Lauren was 13, not 15 but now, we’re on our way with progress slowly being made. We have another 15...16...17 or so months to go, she’ll be out of high school when we’re finally done but once started, it’s a thing that can’t be stopped so this was my first task completed. All I had to do was get the thing started.

All done. For today.
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April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

One Task added & Completed
Personal/ LJ
19. Create flickr set to include pics & artwork from each artist I’ve studied
     One Set including: Pollock, Rothko, de Kooning, Cornell, Motherwell_Stills_Louis
     I didn't include Rauschenberg or Johns because they have their very own set @ flickr
with many photographs of them as well as of their artworks

Second Task Completed
Personal/ LJ
16. Reorganize recipes, input into computer: This just may work for me...seriously
     this is basically done. I went through all my cookbooks, getting rid of (Goodwilling,) those that were no longer useful, and organizing all my clipped, xeroxed, and otherwised recipes into folders contained within a larger file folder

Partial list of tasks in Progress

1. 09_Study Abstract Expressionism
Anatole Broyard's Kafka was the Rage
A charming memoir about one man’s life well-lived in Greenwich Village beginning in the mid 1940’s and onwards. The book was put aside, and ultimately never finished, when the author became ill and chose, instead, to write about his illness in a book published after his death titled ‘Intoxicated By My Illness.’ Mr. Broyard was a book critic and editor for The New York Times and finished or not, I enjoyed his memoir very much

2. 09_Study of Johns & Rauschenberg
Brandon W. Joseph's Random Order: Robert Rauschenberg and the Neo-Avant-Garde
This is an October Book published by MIT Press and while not quite as incomprehensible to me as the other October Book I read, they both read as a thesis and are  WAY to in-depth for me. Maybe that the 420 page book had 140 pages of notes should have clued me in. I learned a lot but I doubt I’ll read much more of this type of analysis
Scott Rothkopf's Jasper Johns Catenary steidl mm publishers Suspended Animation
This book is a study of Johns’s series generally thought of as the “Catenaries’ which is the slope or sway of the string when anchored at two points which nearly all the paintings and prints contain whether two or three-dimensionally. To me, these are some of the most elegant works ever done and reading Mr. Rothkopf’s discussion of their origin and place within Mr. Johns’s oeuvre was a wonderful read

5. Read one additional fic/ non-fic book per month
Jim Schumock’s Story Story Story: Conversations with American Authors
A collection of nine of Mr. Schumock’s interviews with writers ranging from Jim Grimsley to Tobias Wolf to William Styron done for KBOO’s radio program ‘Between The Covers’ over a period of 7 years. I love reading about authors telling their stories and this books allowed me in indulge in what I love. Very well done

6. Read poetry
Love Speaks Its Name: gay and lesbian love poems: an Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets book
Is what it is, quality poems from across the ages about love and loss. Divided into the sections: Longing, Loving, Ecstasy, Looking, Anxiety, Aftermath

9. Read books about writing or poetry
Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled
Mr. Fry believes, rightly I’m sure, that in order to read or write any kind of poetry well, including free verse, the reader or poet should be well-grounded in the fundamentals of form, meter, rhyme etc. plus know a little of the history of the evolution of poetry and his book does all of that plus is written with the sense of humor you’d expect from him. Each section ends with a poetry writing exercise that I gave up trying to do about halfway through the book for fear I‘d never get done. I have every intention of completing them one day very soon. I learned a great deal but most importantly that I don’t think I really want to write poetry as much as have a better understanding of the poems I read

To other tasks completed or failed
To other books
To other tasks in progress
To other tasks NOT in progress
To Original List

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April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

Four new tasks completed

3. 09_Paint hallway
link to photo shiny!!

Personal/ LJ
5. 09_Continue doing the monthly “one good thing” post on LJ_(12/ 12 months)
link to final post

13. A 2010 project_sort through & get rid of boxes in garage_(11/ 11)
organize & condensed 12 holiday boxes into 2.5
link to before
link to after where 4 boxes are no more
link to the high place where 7 boxes are no more

14. A 2011 project_sort through & get rid of boxes in garage loft_(9/
link to loft space where 9 boxes are no more

Two new tasks added

14. Post to flickr the cover & a brief description of each book I’ve read for mission101_link

Personal/ LJ
18. Create photo album for Lauren of history of our stuff, to include photo and written documentation

Partial list of tasks in Progress


1. 09_Study Abstract Expressionism

Steven Naifeeh & Gregory White Smith Jackson Pollock: An American Saga

Encapsulated into 800 Pulitzer Prize winning biography pages, plus 150 note pages, Pollock’s life is one of the most depressing I’ve ever read about, this book was sad, just plain sad, his life a train wreck. Yet, and until the end, he fought back as well as he and the art he created I believe to be some of the best of the 20th Century.

2. 09_Study of Johns & Rauschenberg

Dorothy Kinosinski’s Dialogues: Duchamp Cornell Johns Rauschenberg

A catalogue of a show which dealt with the influence by and overlap of the four artist’s work, an analysis done in a readable and informative way.


1. Read every book offered up at my book club_(

F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

Not a word out of place, so much story in 175 pages, understandably a classic.

5. Read one additional fic/ non-fic book per month

Harlan Ellison’s Spider Kiss

The only book inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it was written in the late 1950s as historical fiction and covers the rise and fall of ‘rock legend’.

6. Read poetry

Frank O’Hara Amorous Nightmares of Delay Selected Plays

A great deal of the time, I had little idea what he was talking about, what the plays were about but somehow and especially with O’Hara, that hardly matters. It’s all about the words even if this isn't exactly poetry.

9. Read books about writing or poetry_(8/ 33)

David Madden’s Revising Fiction: A Handbook

Third times a charm, twice before I’d tried to read this. First published in 1988, the book presumes that the first draft is complete and now it’s all about REVISION REVISION REVISION using the 185 techniques detailed. With authors’ quotes about revising and many before and after examples from published works, I’m sure I’ll find this book very useful when I actually have the first draft complete.

To other tasks completed or failed
To other books
To other tasks in progress
To other tasks NOT in progress
To Original List

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April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

One New Task Completed


10. Collect 100 favorite poems_(100/ 100)_DONE & DONE
I can see where these poems may shift and change a little over the next couple of years but each one has meaning, so I've already begun collecting up the images -a 2010 task-to go along with each poem, five done so far !! I should easily be ready to compile the book by 2011.
The 2nd poem on the list is 'Morning' a love poem by Frank O'Hara to Vincent Warren. In searching for photos I found these
which, beyond what I understand to be his charming personality and keen intellect, should give you some little indication why O'Hara loved him so. And in this case, clicking on the images really does enhance your viewing experience.

Tasks in progress (partial)
1. 09_Study Abstract Expressionism
Mark Stevens & Annalyn Swan_de kooning
A Pulitzer-Prize winning biography of one of Abstract Expressionism's greatest masters, Williem de Kooning, an amazing read of a long life fully and completely realized despite the odds set against him early on and not without his controversy and pain.
2. 09_Study of Johns & Rauschenberg & contemporaries
Christel Hollevoet -Compiler, Jasper Johns Writings, Sketchbook Notes, Interviews
Johns, being the extremely reticent man he is, I never thought i would get any kind of personal view of him, but with this book, I've come closer than I ever thought I would. The interviews span four decades and there are gentle shifts in Johns's answers, thought processes, life views that gradually allowed me insight into this enigmatic man. If it's possible to fall in love with someone I'll never meet let alone know, I'm pretty certain I have.
3 - 5. 09_Complete three large collages/ drawings_(2/ 3)
First Small Drawing with details details
Second Small Drawing with details details
Third Small Drawing with details details
Fourth Small Drawing
with details details details and all of which equals one large drawing

3. Do one experimental style short story per month & post_(5/ 11 months)
This is really less about monthly, the ideal, than making sure I write. The fifth story, July, is done but you’ll have to take my word for it. It’s a letter I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. I finally did, I sent it and MAY post if I receive an answer letter. It is posted but Private. We’ll see.
The second is a kind of memoir and can be found here

1. Read every book offered up at my book club_(3/ 18?)
October Lori Lansens's Girls
A strange little novel about conjoined twins, two very different woman who tell their story in alternating chapters.
5. Read one additional fic/ non-fic book per month_(7/ 34)
Shapard & Thomas’s Sudden Fiction: American Short-short Stories
I got this from Lauren's friend Jimmy. It's from the late 1980's when writers were trying to define, I guess, what has become known as flash-fiction with each story just one to five pages long and containing all that a short story contains except detailed plot. I found the stories interesting, some more so than others, but I also found consistently that I wanted more.Seems like this might be a good way to work up ideas for a short story or novella.
6. Read poetry_(7/ 34)
Rainer Marie Rilke’s The Book of Images
I read this too fast, I'll have to go back and read it again.
9. Read books about writing or poetry_(7/ 34)
Strunk’s the Elements of Style
An exceedingly useful tool for any writer and how charming are the illustrations?

To other tasks completed or failed
To other books
To other tasks in progress
To other tasks NOT in progress
To Original List

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April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

For September
     No new tasks completed

     One new task failed

5. Make sure daughter does her volunteer hours monthly
     Right now, there is no additional time, between honors and AP, she is overwhelmed with homeowrk. Hopefully at a later date, we can get her volunteering going again.

Tasks in progress
1. 09_Study Abstract Expressionism
James Breslin's 'Mark Rothko'
     I had always wondered why Rothko killed himself, I only wonder now how he made it as long as he did. It took Breslin ten years to research and write his book, including a very dangerous journey to 1970's Russia where Rothko was from, and, I believe, his time was very well spent.
     Great painter, seemingly manic depressive man.
2. 09_Study of JJohns & Rauschenberg

Read Michael Crichton’s ‘Jasper Johns
     Crichton was a big deal collector of Johns' work and his in-depth forward for the book for Johns' traveling exhibition produced by The Whitney Museum of American Art in 1978 speaks beautiful about the collector/ painter relationship.
     Very insightful.
3. 09_Complete three large collages/ drawings_(1/ 3)
Drawing 1 plus Detail 1 & Detail 2

5. Read one additional fic/ non-fic book per month_(5/ 34)
Rick Whitaker’s The First time I Met Frank O’Hara: Reading Gay American Writers
     Whitaker's take on several writers including Hart Crane, James Baldwin, Gertrude Sten, Gore Vidal and others.
Nicely written, very personal  and absolutely his take on things.
6. Read poetry_(6/ 34)
Guillaume Apollinaire Bestiary (or Parade of Orpheus) Translated by Pepe Karmelv
     Tiny, and often amsing, book of very short poems written mostly about animals.
Each poem is wonderfully illustrated with wood cuts by Raoul Dufy.
9. Read books about writing or poetry_(6/ 34)
Wallace Fowlie’s Rimbaud and Jim Morrison; The Rebel as Poet
     More about Morrison than Rimbaud, and published in 1994 from lectures for the university audience, Fowlie is a translator of Rimbaud and a professor at Duke University.
To other tasks completed or failed
To other books
To other tasks in progress
To other tasks NOT in progress
To Original List

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to my original list

April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

to the rest )
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to my original list

April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

DONE_5 as of June

to past done )
Personal/ LJ
14. go through & get rid of boxes in house_DONE
17. organize photos into 8 photo albums plus 1box LINK to Flickr_

1. 09_Abstract Expressionism_research
     to the others )
Rothko's ‘An Artist’s Reality: :Philosophy of Art’
2. 09_Continue study of JJohns & Rauschenberg & contemporaries
     to the others )
Universe of Art’s “Jasper Johns’ w/ forward by Leo Castelli
James Fenton’s Leonardo’s Nephew: Essays On Art and Artists
14. Post on flicker each completed task on mission101_(5/ 101)
17. Read each of the three art magazine I subscribe to_(8/ 102)
18. Take Lauren to museums & galleries etc
_Modern Art Museum_San Francisco
20. Post twice a month to 100_snapshots_(4/ 50)
21. Post on flickr 100_snapshots photos of both Gaeln & Loren_(8/ 200)

1. Finish  reedit of A Time From Now
    Edited 1 in June w/ 5 to go & 1 to write
2. Finish posting of A Time From Now to LJ
    Posted 1 in June w/ 6 to go
3. Do one experimental style short story per month & post_(3/ 10 months)
    to the others )
     May story
Some Enchanted Evening
     June poem
Plato Would Be Proud

1. Read every book offered up at my book club
_(2/ 18?)
    to other )
    June to July_Miriam’s Song by Miriam Mathabane
2. 09_confine non-fic reading to Abstract Expressionism/ JJohns & Rrauschenberg_(3/ 9)
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_(2/ 34)
    to the other )
    Edmund White’s Arts and Letters
6. Read poetry_(3/ 34)
     to the others )
     Read Everyman’s Librrary Pocket Poet’s Auden_June
9. Read books about writing or poetry_(4/ 34)
     Read Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letter to a Young Poet
     Read Marjori Perloff’s ‘Frank O’Hara: Poet Among Painters
10. Collect 100 favorite poems_(84/ 100)

to Home, Family & personal/ lj )
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[ profile] mission101  as brought to my attention my Alex

April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

     BOLD & INDENT-Complete OR Failed
In Progress
NOT In Progress

          1. Year 1_Study Abstract Expressionism_Complete
2. All years_Study of Johns & Rauschenberg
          3. Year 1_Complete three large collages/ drawings_Complete
4. Year 2_Complete three large collages/ drawings
5. Year 3_Complete three large collages/ drawings
6. Year 2_Study 20th ART from 1960s to present
7. Year 3_Study 20th Century Art pre WWII
8. Post on flicker each completed task on mission101
9. Learn Photoshop
10. Create two computer art works per month & post
11. Read each of the three art magazine I subscribe to
12. Take Lauren to museums & galleries etc. monthly

          13. Set-up flickr account_Complete
14.Complete first list of 100_snapshots
15. Post on flickr 100_snapshots photos of both Gaeln & Loren

          1. Year 1_Finish reedit of A Time From Now_Complete
          2. Year 1_Finish posting of A Time From Now to LJ_Complete

3. Do ten  experimental style short stories
4. Year 1_Do research on 1950’s NY story
5. Year 2_continue research for 1950’s NY story

6. Year 2_Do 2010 NaNoWriMo_to work on first draft of 1950’s NY story
7. Year 3_work toward final draft of 1950’s NY story                   
8. Read the writing magazine I subscribe to
                      9. Year 1_Do qaf_challenges_Failed
10. Year 2_ Do two of my short stories
11. Year 3_Do four of my short stories

1. Read every book offered up at my book club
          2. Year 1_confine study reading to Ab/ Ex & Johns/ Rauschenberg_Complete
3. Year 2_confine non-fic reading to pre WWII art
4. Year 3_confine non-fic reading to post1960s to present art
5. All years_Read one additional fiction/ nonfiction book per month
          6. Year 1_Read poetry from around mid-20th century_Complete
                      7. Year 2_read poets_Pre WWII_Failed

8. Year 3_read poets_Post WWII
          9. Year 1_Read books about writing or poetry_Complete
10. Year 2 & 3_how-to books on photography, art, meditation, yoga etc.
          11. _Find 100 poems for Lauren’s book_Complete
12. Year 2_Find graphics/ photos to illustrate each poem
13. Year 3_Create poetry book for Lauren
14. Post to flickr the cover & a brief description of each book I’ve read for mission101
                      15. Read the one poetry magazine I subscribe to_Failed

1. Get carpets cleaned once a year
2. Get windows cleaned once a year
By end of Year 3
          3. Paint hallway_Complete
4. Contact three contractors re: skylight in kitchen
5. Choose one & get it done
          6. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in Lauren’s bedroom_Complete
          7. Repaint & redecorate Lauren’s bedroom_Complete
          8. Contact landscaper from 2008 if available for quote for fronyardt_Complete
          9. Plus, contact 2 other landscapers for quotes for frontyard_Complete
         10. Landscape front yard_Complete

11. Decide on landscaper for backyard
12. Landscape backyard
13. Contact three contractors for remodel
14. Hire one to tear out slider in dining room & install wall with window & French doors
15.  And build partial wall between dining room & living room area
16. Remove carpet from dining room & living room area and install wood floors
17. Move office from second bedroom to living room
18. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in second bedroom
19. Remove paneling & repaint second bedroom
20.  Repaint entire dining room/ office space
21. Turn second bedroom into guestroom

1. Involve daughter in photography
2. Develop & maintain cleaning routine

          3. Start process of getting daughter braces_Complete
          4. Do what I can to support daughter in her choice whether or not to go to West Valley_Complete
                    5. Make sure daughter does her volunteer hours monthly_Failed

6. Teach daughter photoshop
7. Develop system to create better balanced meals
          8. Year 1_Boston & New York is_Complete
                    9. Year 2_Seattle_Failed

10. Year 3_Europe
11. Help Lauren learn to draw realistically
12. Help Lauren determine financial aid & possible universities

Personal/ LJ
1. Donate 100,000 grain to FreeRice per year
2. Don’t buy anymore books until I’ve read what I have (except for research/ study)
    Year 1 bought 2: dragons & cleaning
3. Backup laptop at least once a week

4. Create photo album for Lauren of history of stuff, to include photo & written documentation
          5. 09_Continue doing the monthly “one good thing” on LJ_Complete
6. Lose ten pounds
7. Shop twice a month at Farmer’s Market
8. Do a personal post on LJ once per week
9. Click on Cancer site five times a week

          10. Get laptop’s screen fixed BEFORE it completely fails_Complete
11. Maintain MyYahoo daily list
          12. go through & organize boxes in house_Complete
          13. 10_go through & organize boxes in garage_Complete
          14. 11_go through & orgainze boxes in garage loft_Complete
          15. Organize photos into photo boxes_Complete
          16. Reorganize recipes, input into computer_Complete

17. Year 2_Take very best photo of me I can
18. Year 3_repeat year 2 photo with improvements
19. Create flickr set to include pics & artwork from each artist I’ve studied
20. Take a photo of every completed task and post to flickr & LJ
21. Update this list to my journal and link to mission101 once per month

98 -100_OPEN
 101. Do this again stating with 2012


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