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My completed [ profile] mission101 #4 can be found HERE.

All that is blue --90 tasks-- are DONE, which is good.
All that is red --11 tasks-- are FAILS, which isn't as good, but I'm going with the learning experience rational to mitigate my sense of well...failure.

The Fails
Exercising_ I put this on every list and on every list it is a fail. I want to, I won't so, this task is NOT going on any more missions.
Organizing family photos, I put this as ONE SINGLE task!! Am I out of my mind??!!?? Perhaps, but that aside, I'm making this worth 7 WHOLE tasks on mission #5 because it's just that intimidating.
Lauren's Book was partially done with mission #4 and is now included in both missions #5 AND #6 because doing 25 or so drawings is a lot!! Seriously. This project accounted for 5 fails all on its own.
Maybe one day, I'll learn to play the recorder & a couple of tunes, but for at least the coming year, this will remain 2 fails.

The Completions
I read ALL of my bookclub books plus all of the books I chose to read
I watched my 1st 24 movies on the BEST 100 MOVIES EVER List
I did 9 PLUS  drawings, which caused me to kind of amaze myself

I wrote 7 -- all my remaining works-in-progress-- stories
I wrote the story at least for Lauren's book
I wrote 3 nonfiction essays, something I hadn't done since, you guessed it, high school
I kept up my photography, my modified 365 Project & [ profile] 100_snapshots
I finally finished 3 Lauren -related projects, finally because 1 was actually her baby book and,
in general,
I kept our very little family running as smoothly as I could. Menus were made weekly, appointments were kept, chores were done, blood was donated and so on. Sure, I could have been more on-top-of-it house & yard work-wise, but I did better than I have in past years. Oh, and I reorganized a bunch of stuff plus, we also did a number of cool events, a musical, a play, several actually-at-the-theater movies, a couple of art events and so on. A lot of these things/ events/ whatever would not have been accomplished otherwise. Of this, I am sure so, YAY!!! [ profile] mission101.

What have I learned, you ask? Well, that organizing the 101 tasks efficiently so that they're easily monitored is key. My 1st mission was a total mess. My 2nd wasn't much better. With each subsequent list, I've learned how to keep the tasks and their various steps organized so I can tell what I'm doing, refining that process even more with this last list, as I'm sure I do again with the next. It's all about keeping track, and about setting realistic tasks.. At least for me :)

Tomorrow, a couple of days ahead of time, I'm posting my [ profile] mission101 #5. Is Excited!!!

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...once again it's time for the second four-month update for my [ profile] mission101...oh yay! which I assure you will be WAAAY shorter than my first update.

My original list, which runs from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 and which is happily turning from black (tasks not done) to blue (tasks that are!!) can be found here.

My first four-part update can be found here...and here...and here...and here. WTF!!??!!

Apparently, last time, I felt the need to discuss endlessly, this time...not so much so, during the first-third, I completed 42 of my 101 tasks while during this second-third, I've completed 27 for a grand total of 70.

To kind of put that into context, of the 31 tasks remaining, 20 are on-going, which means that they can't be completed until at or very near October, tasks like #'s1 & 2_Read every one, of the approximately 8, recommended Bookclub Books, #92_Events, #75_Appointments, #'s78 through 83_Monthly Chores etc. Others, like teaching myself to play the recorder, probably aren't going to happen while several have been put off until summer when my daughter will be home from college to help me.

While during the first-third, I completed all but one Writing task, during the second, I completed ALL of my Art tasks, finishing 8 approximately 14 x 17" drawings. This is a REALLY big and a REALLY happy accomplishment for me so...YAY!!
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I think beyond that I am most happy that I did finish my one remaining Writing task and wrote my three little physics essays and that I did my The Happiness Month, which turned out to be unexpectedly awesome for me.
As I have said before and as I will continue to say unto forever, this is the best organizing tool I have come across and so, I thank this community profusely for existing. I'll be back at the beginning of October to wrap things up for this, my fourth, [ profile] mission101. See you all then!

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Day Twenty-One
Three Gratitudes_63/ 63
          I'm grateful:
61_that when I look deep inside myself I’m okay with me.
62_that I have loved
63_that I have been loved

           One Positive_21/ 21
Obviously, doing, and now completing, this meme, which has been so rewarding for me. I have had much fun so, thanks to those of you who shared with and encouraged me, I appreciate your interest. And as for the point of it, which was the redirecting of my thoughts in a more positive direction, maybe so.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I completed this meme which has required me to post for 21 days in a row and despite the fact that I did have to do one double-day post, this is the most I have EVER posted since coming to Livejournal waaaaay back in 2005 :)
          I did exercise: I worked in the garden for 45 minutes and finished potting, at least, all of the plants I've already bought.
          I did meditate: I did for 20 happy minutes

No days to go

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Day Twenty
Three Gratitudes_60/ 63
          I'm grateful:
58_that I had at least several good years in San Francisco before being forced to return to the (boring boring boring) suburbs.
59_that I was able, with the help of my parents and grandparents, to spend two months in Europe while still young
60_that I have a decent sense of design and organization so that I have been able to create a decent home wherever I’ve lived and no matter how small the space (and trust me when I say that a couple have been very very small)

           One Positive_20/ 21
Lauren and I lunched with the Hadleys, Cindy and Jimmy, and with the Jaxons, Nancy and Paul, across the street at Cup & Saucer. In talking with the owner, we found out that they're going to remodel our little Princeton Plaza. YAY! YAY! YAY!! Apparently, Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) is insisting. And then, Lauren and I grocery shopped, which is so much more fun when she's with me. And then, we went to see the trust guy so now Lauren is even more protected, which is always a positive.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I was a very good listener at lunch and at the trust guy's office. That really is something beyond the normal.
          I did exercise: I did not.
          I did meditate:I did 25 blissful iPod minutes and if this sounds like yesterday that's because it is.

One day to go :(

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Day Nineteen
Three Gratitudes_57/ 63
          I'm grateful:
55_that I enjoy reading and have the time to indulge myself.
56_that throughout my life I have had good people around me because I can be something of (or basically) a space cadet.
57_that I have had passions, but that I have never become overly obsessed about them (for to awfully long)
          Because I'm nearly at the end, these gratitudes are getting pretty random, I must say :)

           One Positive_19/ 21
Well, I finished the last of the stories I'm doing for this particular mission101 so, very cool. And Lauren and I went to the mall looking for some particular things, we found, and bought, those particular things and we came home. Sort of like a precision strike, wherein we bought nothing we weren't supposed to. This is not only a positive, but kind of amazing as well.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Today, honestly, I did everything at a very normal level.
          Wait, I know, how about that when the total cute Pacific Islander dude, with the thick wavy half-way-down-his-back brown hair, at the Vans store asked, with a perfectly sweet smile, how I was doing, I merely looked up at him, through my fringe of blond (and my glasses) and, smiling, said that I was just fine without drooling on him not even once. Yeah, that so counts.
          Ditto the sweet faced Asian dude with the completely straight down-to-his-waist- black hair at the cash register. Way to go, Vans!!
          I did exercise: I worked for 45 minutes potting plants and then, Lauren and I spent 2.5 hours cruising the mall.
          I did meditate:I did 25 blissful iPod minutes

Two days to go. Oh whoa!

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Day Eighteen
Three Gratitudes_54/ 63
          I'm grateful:
52_that I have grown up, despite its serious difficulties, in a liberal democracy.
53_that I live at a time when, traumatic as it can be, people world-wide are fighting more and more for their human rights and because of the internet, the rest of the world can know about, and be inspired by, their fight.
54_that I was not raised in a religious family

           One Positive_18/ 21
We never left the house! We had no where we needed to be! Oh how I love it when we have no where we need to be!!!
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I made an attempt to be more who I really am when answering my email-y comments, with one especially, which, while those I'm commenting to might find it annoying, I enjoyed so, maybe I went beyond the normal for myself :)
          I did exercise: No, I didn't.
          I did meditate: I will, before I sleep. Honestly.

Three days to go.

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Day Seventeen
Three Gratitudes_51/ 63
          I'm grateful:
49_that David has a very strong work ethic that has pulled us through several tough times.
50_that I volunteer to help clean up abandoned homeless camps, not being truly able to ever imagine living in one.
51_that David and I aren’t gullible, have never fallen for any scam and have taught Lauren how to be aware also of the possible pitfalls.

           One Positive_17/ 21
Lauren and I had a little TV time, an eppie of Psych, before we were off to pick up Cindy so we could meet with Barbara for lunch in Willow Glen. We had a lovely time, chatting and laughing and eating. Then home we came for one more eppie of Psych before David, Lauren and I drove to downtown San Jose for a meeting with our financial guy that ended at just the right time for us to have dinner at the Spaghetti Factory so, all and all, a decent day, which is definitely a positive.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Well, everything we did today was because I got it going, making sure everyone was where they needed to be so, as an organizer, I did go a little beyond the normal.
          I did exercise: No, I didn't.
          I did meditate: Again, my 25 iPod minutes.
To expound a little, my understanding of the point of meditation is to quiet 'the mind' in order to attain some kind of enlightenment, which means for me to quiet the left, or rational and dominate, side of my mind so that the right, or more creative, side can roam free. By listening to my music, by allowing my mind to chase the music, soaring, dancing, stomping to the rhythm, I can, or am learning how to, quiet the left side of my mind and let the right side do what it does best. Hopefully.
     I've tried to meditate the 'right' way never making it longer then a couple of weeks before I just couldn't stand it, I'd get so antsy. I'm learning that doing what is considered the 'right' way isn't necessarily what's right for me, maybe because I'm not looking for enlightenment as much as inspiration.

Four days to go.

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Day Sixteen
Three Gratitudes_48/ 63
          I'm grateful:
46_that it was never even a consideration that I wouldn’t go to college. It was understood.
47_that David and I were able to give each other the wedding and honeymoon of our dreams. And yes, since we did marry older, we paid for both the wedding and the honeymoon. All we asked was that everyone meet us in San Francisco, which I don't think was asking too much.
48_that I have never been in a physical fight, have never been physically harmed by, or have physical harmed, anyone

           One Positive_16/ 21
Lauren and I had a lovely wonderful terrific day being lazy. We watched an episode of Merlin and a couple of Psych and an episode of STNG. Glorious.
        I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Actually, I returned a couple of emails that had been lingering in my inbox for waaaay too long (one from mid-February...I'm so bad) and both answered back to (le sigh)
          I did exercise: Today, we lazed
          I did meditate: I did my 25 minutes via iPod while Lauren showered

Five days to go.

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Day Fifteen
Six Gratitudes_45/ 63
          I'm grateful:
43_that as late as it was, after several unsuccessful tries, I finally was able to carry a baby to full-term
44_ that David and I have, so far, enough money to pay for Lauren’s ever increasing UC tuition
45_that I love and respect and admire my daughter completely

           One Positive_15/ 21
Although the day began drizzle-y, by 8:30am, when I left to get Lauren, it had cleared up somewhat. The drive was actually nice because, since it was overcast, the light was easy on the eyes, without all that lovely dabbled sunlight. We arrived back around 10:30am, brewed some tea and talked and talked and talked, very nice!
         I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I kept something to myself I normally wouldn't have that is better kept to myself. In other words, I restrained myself and that can only be a good thing and is definitely something beyond the normal.
          I did exercise: No,
          I did meditate: No,

Six days to go.

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Day Fourteen
Six Gratitudes_42/ 63
          I'm grateful:
40_that I have one of best mother-in-laws ever
41_that David and I, despite serious difficulties, have made it 25 years married
42_that I have had Barbara since 1974 and Cindy since 1999 as my best friends.

           One Positive_14/ 21
I did what I want to daily plus had quite a bit of time left for my little story. Lauren called to say that despite being sick, she had taken her final exam today, she thought she might need to put it off until Thursday when she hoped she might feel better, so, I get her tomorrow!!!
        I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: If only. As a friend mentioned, it's hard to do beyond the normal, if you're a hermit 90% of the time. Such as it is. With Lauren home, maybe I can shake this one up a little. Maybe get some beyond-the-normal niceness going on. Could happen.
          I did exercise: I danced...danced...danced fifteen minutes away!! And I worked in the garden, actually planting instead of only just preparing.
          I did meditate: I did my not-quite-so normal 50 minutes with my iPod. I was vaguely stunned when I registered the time :) I do this first thing, right after showering, because it seems to energize me and then, it's off to the garden.

Seven days to go.

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Day Thirteen
Six Gratitudes_39/ 63
          I'm grateful:
37_that I have never truly wanted for anything
38_that at times, I have been afraid of not having enough money so, thereby learned not to be crazy
39_that David, Lauren and I are not into flash and extravagance

           One Positive_13/ 21
The weather was lovely especially early in the morning so, I really enjoyed being outside cleaning out a lot of the dead potted annuals and starting to figure out which new plants I want to put in which old pots and I got the grocery shopping done, which is always a positive.
         I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I don't think so. A couple of times when I normally would have gotten especially pissed about something, I stayed cool and calm, but I think that has something to do with the meditation.
          I did exercise: I did not only my face exercises, but worked in the yard, actually worked, for an hour
          I did meditate: I did my normal 30 minutes with my iPod.

Eight days to go.

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Yesterday didn't work out quite as I would have imagined. I did my every-two-month Stanford blood donating at 10am, which is always a nice experience in and of itself, but I had a fairly wicked mean reaction and lost most of the rest of the day to not feeling good so, I didn't post and so, I combine up two days.

Days Eleven & Twelve
Six Gratitudes_36/ 63
          I'm grateful:
31_that life worked out so that I had several years to teach and learn with Lauren before she started school
32_that life worked out so that I was able to volunteer at Lauren’s elementary & middle school as much as I wanted and they needed
33_that even now, when she calls pretty much every other day,  she fills me in on all that is going on, fun stuff, class stuff, problems, everything. Or so I choose to believe :)
34_that even though I’m an only child of parents who were also only children, meaning almost no family, my imagination has kept me from ever being lonely
35_that in his last decade of life my dad was able to connect with relatives of his father, the only one to leave Massachusetts, that until then, he didn’t even know existed
36_that because of that connection, I now have the names and some information about 14 generations of my dad’s family who originally landed in Massachusetts in 1645 and, as mentioned above, never left.

           One Positive_11 & 12/ 21
11_David was sweetly concerned about my not feeling well and took very nice care of me.
12_I am feeling better and so, was able to get some things done today.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal, Yesterday morning, it would be that I actually initiated talking with people around me, especially one very nice woman who was waiting with me. Today, I was quiet so, I don't think so.
          I did exercise, Yesterday, not a bit of it. Today I'm still regrouping so, no.
          I did meditate, Yesterday, using meditation helped to keep me calm during the blood-giving process. Today, I did my normal 25 minutes with my iPod.

Nine days to go.

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Day Ten
Three Gratitudes_30/ 63
          I'm grateful:
28_that David has been gainfully employed at a very good job, where he’s respected and able to do work he respects, for over a decade.
29_that we live in an area where fresh valley-grown produce is easy available
30_that they invented Netflix and conveniently located its headquarters, and one of its distribution centers, right down the street

One Positive_10/ 21
Despite what I've been saying over the last couple of days, I got all obsessive obsessive obsessive today and completed, basically, all the remaining verses, about 11, for Lauren's little book. So YAY!!
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Actually, not so much. I guess I can't figure out a way to be beyond-the-normal everyday. I'll just have to try harder tomorrow.
          I did exercise, Actually, not so much...David was home so dancing, and it was cold out and...and...and I just didn't
          I did meditate, I did, again using my iPod, for 35 minutes.

Eleven days to go.

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Day Nine
Three Gratitudes_27/ 63
          I'm grateful:
25_that I have a laptop that connects me to the internet so that I can be aware of the struggles and triumphs of others and so, can also be inspired
26_that I found Livejournal
27_that because of Livejournal, I have been able to renew my old passion of writing within a safe and tolerant environment. That would be you :D

One Positive_9/ 21
I'm starting to gear up for Lauren coming home. The trimester ends next Friday but she'll have her last final Tuesday. She had one today which she say was very easy and she new all the answers so, that is positive! Apparently our retirement dollars are being well spent on her education after all, such a relief. She'll be home for a week and a half so, that's an even bigger positive.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I've used this one already, but it is the truth because I knew I had to post something here, when David asked for a dinner completely different from what I had already planned, I told him no, tomorrow, and than went ahead and made it for him tonight. He was happy so, whatthehell.
          I did exercise, my usual 15 minutes of dance and 30 minutes working outside. I must say this meme has been amazing for my yard.
          I did meditate, I did, again using my iPod, for 22 minutes.because guess who called?!? This is almost becoming a given.

Twelve days to go.

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Day Eight
Three Gratitudes_24/ 63, which means, with this, I'm a third of the way done!
          I'm grateful:
22_that Lauren has had Jimmy, and that Jimmy has had Lauren, since 2nd grade as each others very best friend. They are both strange little ducks and, by and large, this set-up is just best.
23_that Lauren was able to go to the same college as Jimmy (see above)
24_that Lauren was able to get into college near enough so that we can see her easily (you can imagine here, tears of JOY!!)

One Positive_8/ 21
I have several tasks I try to get done daily, currently read one canto in Paradiso, write one to two verses in Lauren's little book, write an hour on my story, watch one eppi of my educational vid, catch up on LJ, catchup on Yahoo, a little housework and a little gardening and here's the positive, right now I'm actually accomplishing what I'd like to plus the added bits because of this meme.
          Because even though I always want to function this way, normally I don't because normally, I get obsessive. I must finish writing the story, I must watch the last 6 eppies, I must read the last 300 pages...obsessive...obsessive...obsessive so, I get one thing done as the other things fall pitifully to the wayside.
          Right now, happily, I am so far away from being able to complete anything, I am entirely not obsessing. I couldn't care and so, I'm functioning as I should. Weird.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Let's just say I did and let it go at that, 'kay?
          I did exercise, both dancing for 15 minutes, AND 45 minutes working in the garden
          I did meditate. I did, again using my iPod, for 33 minutes.

Thirteen days to go.

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Day Seven
Three Gratitudes_21/ 63, which means, with this, I'm a third of the way done!
          I'm grateful:
19_that I have always been represented by a Democrat
20_that I am represented currently by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. All women, all the time and for the longest time as well!!
21_that Barack Obama was elected, and then reelected, President (I almost made this two so grateful am I).

One Positive_7/ 21
Well, since I did just talk with Lauren (see below) about Downton Abbey, I'll use that as my positive for today and why should I do that? Because of David. We kept being told we should watch the show, David even bothered to find it on OnDemend, but was reluctant to begin because he wasn't sure he could relate, but finally we did. After all, he does love Game of Thrones, but still, I knew he'd have problems with Downton Abbey because, as a Brooklyn born son of Puerto Rican parents, he has trouble with British accents in particular and with British traditions and customs in general, and consequently, that he might need much clarification and I wondered if he'd be willing to ask for it.
          The first episode he had to pause it several times because he didn't understand what someone said, the downstairs crew especially, or why people were doing what they were doing. Each time, I explained and we moved on. His needing help with accents became less and less as he adjusted fairly well over several episodes, but he was still having some trouble with the why of things.
          And so, here's the positive. He has never become too embarrassed to ask me whatthehell? I really was concerned that he might, but he is now totally hooked and has no trouble with not only asking me the why of things, but in explaining to me why he thinks someone's being an idiot such as Sybil with Branson (at the point we're at in the story).
          After dinner,  I'll be reading or playing on the computer when suddenly I'll hear, 'Next on Downton Abbey...' as he reads me OnDemand's little summary. He doesn't even ask!! We've been doing 2 eppies a night and are having a lot of fun with it.
          His favorite character? The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Lady Violet, of course!! which isn't too surprising when reminded that his absolute favorite character on QAF was Emmett!!

          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Okay, today, not really. I only dealt with Lauren and David, her on the phone and him in RL so, I'm going with that.
          Lauren and I were in the middle of a fascinating discussion when from out of know where she said, 'I have to go, I need to shower and then meet Jimmy for dinner.' Normally, I'd be just a little snarky about her dumping me with so little thought, just a little put-out, but not today. Today, I was understanding itself because I thought to be. We breezed through our goodbyes with not so much as a single guilty-trip thrown at her by me. What a good mom am I.
           And does the fact that David and I didn't get into any kind, I mean any kind, of squabbles all evening count? Since that is not necessarily typical behavior, I think so. I didn't get huffy and annoyed or pout-y faced about anything and, not unreasonably, he responded well to that ;D.
          I did exercise, by dancing!!...dancing!!
          I did meditate, using my iPod. This time I only made 20 minutes because Lauren called and I wasn't about to not talk with her...for the next hour...about Downton Abbey!!! She and Jimmy are ahead of David and me, she knows things I don't, is aching to tell me, but ever alert for spoilers, tries not to, tries being the operative word..

Fourteen days to go.

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Day Six
Three Gratitudes_18/ 63
          I'm grateful:
16_that in the main, David, Lauren and I have been very health
17_that I have an active inquiring mind
18_that I have thoroughly enjoyed drawing all my life and writing over the past decade as my creative outlets

One Positive_6/ 21
My positive for today would have to be the day itself, warm and sunny so that I was able to get a nice amount of yard work done after doing my meditation but before heading off to the grocery store. I caught up on LJ, caught up on email, read a canto in Paradiso, did one major household chore which was to clean the inside of the refrigerator, I wrote one of the 20 little verses I need to for the little book I'm working on, and I did this post. Productive day!

          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal.
Actually for today, I'd call this more about getting my priorities straight, a kind of confession.
          How do I say this? When I first learned that Randall & Brian were fiction, I felt a fool and felt much more sad about the fact that they weren't real then about the fact that the woman who had created them had died. Priorities messed up.
          A tiny bit of backstory. After S5, after leaving the Showtime Showboards, while trying to find QAF fandom, the first people I found were Randall, his stories, his yahoo group, Ethan [ profile] xhaleslowly and a woman named Danny who has her own site which is amazingly still there.Through Ethan, I found LJ and through Randall, I found Brian. And while I was never 'in' with either Randall or Brian, I just read and commented on their stories, they had nonetheless always been there, supposedly just living their lives, and so, I felt this stunning sense of loss because I believed.
          My first unthinking response was to blame Carol and for this, I apologize. Without her, we never would have had either of them in the first place so, I've determined to just let it be, at least for myself. Lots of others got far more involved then I, became friends, confidants, receiving phone calls and presents and cards, very elaborate stuff and, for them, this realization must be more difficult to reconcile, but for me, I'm just sorry that for a little while anyway, I allowed my priorities to become skewed. So, thank you, Carol, for allowing me, for at least a little while, to spend time with your creations. I just hope you were happy with the path you chose.
          I did exercise, by working in the garden for over an hour!
          I did meditate, using my iPod, this activity, after only six days, is something I look forward to doing.

Fifteen days to go.

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Day Five
  Three Gratitudes_15/ 63
          I'm grateful;
13_that Lauren and I had ten years of week-long summer vacations with my dad before he died.
14_that Lauren was old enough and willing to help me for six weeks during her 13th summer with everything I needed to do, and what a help she was! while going through and fixing up my dad’s house so I could rent it.
15_that David and I were able to take Lauren to Chicago & Boston for one week each and to New York for two weeks in her middle teens.

  One Positive_5/ 21
A situation on LJ has impacted me negatively and wanting to talk about that, I realized that Lauren would not only know what I was talking about, but could understand why I was upset. When we talked, she immediately got why and patiently listen to me rant while offering good advice. I don't go on much about LJ or fandom with RL friends because I know that they can't really understand, they haven't been hanging around being involved for the past 9 to 10 years. Lauren understands.

          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal, well, I tried to do something beyond the normal because, while I can sometimes imagine that some certain news will impact someone, someone I don't necessarily know all that well, negatively and I may even think of an way to help, I don't generally put my idea into action thinking the situation will resolve itself satisfactorily without me. This time, I made an attempt, a sincere attempt that I believe helped.
          I did exercise, by starting a little regime, something I've been meaning to do anyway, of face exercises using this book.
          I did meditate, using my iPod, this activity, after only five days, is starting to be something I look forward to doing.

Sixteen days to go.

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Day Four
    Three Gratitudes_12/ 63
          I'm grateful;
10_that David holds the same views on religion and basically the same views on politics as I do
11_that my mom and dad were very good at not just saving, but investing their money wisely
12_that David has been very good at investing their money well so that we are reasonably well set-up for the future

    One Positive_4/ 21
I have two for today:
1_Cindy and I did the Home Show in downtown San Jose and although it was smallish, we were nonetheless able to gather up much and pertinent information for our various remodeling project; hers, painting, remodeling retaining wall and so on; and mine, various much smaller projects and I was able to do some fun photography done while waiting for Cindy to get some information and then we did lunch at El Fornaio...nom nom
2_also David and I drove over the hill to see Lauren for dinner and we had a lovely time doing Chinese, which was also…nom nom.
What a good day!!!

          I did do one act of doing something beyond the normal, but will not post about it (sometime_yes & sometimes_no)
          I did exercise, well, I'm going to have to consider all that walking at the home show a kind of exercise since I didn't have any other time.
          I did meditate, I even got up early so that I would have enough time to do my meditation, 20 minutes, before Cindy cam to pick me up for the home show.

Seventeen days to go.

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Day Three
      Three Gratitudes_9/ 63
          I'm grateful;
7_that I grew up NASA
8_that my dad didn’t sign-on for the shuttle mission that would have moved my parents and me to Houston.when I was 18 and had just met David
9_that I had parents who loved to explore the western US by car, taking promising detours whenever possible

      One Positive_3/ 21
It is nice to see that a couple of LJ friends have shown some interest in doing, each in their own way naturally, this little daily meme. I’m finding that having to comb through my past finding those things that I’m grateful for and then, refocusing on the present, to find the main positive of each day, is helping my outlook, which can tend toward the cynical. I hope others do take up this idea as I love reading these sorts of things.

Alex [ profile] ashmedai bothered to google this idea and, unlike me, was able to find a site where it is discussed, which you can find here. I must have gotten it from the TEDtalk vid. I am obviously doing my 21 days a little differently then is suggested here. Each to their own way.

          I did do one act of doing something beyond the normal, but will not post about it (sometime_yes & sometimes_no)
          I did exercise, not only did I dance vigorously around my kitchen for 15 entire minutes, I also worked in the garden for 55 minutes. So cool.
          I did meditate, for 20 minutes this time, with my iPod tuned to 'My Favorites'. This is perfect and will be the way I continue to meditate. The music envelops me, blocking outside sounds that could otherwise be distracting. My only difficulty is to not swaying, at least too much, to the music :)

And lastly, just let me say Happy International Women's Day!

Eighteen days to go.



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