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no title Task 16_Project_50 BOOKS
In order to complete this task, I will need to read about five books per month which, frankly, is daunting but I managed last year so...maybe. And it is a task I did NOT complete for August

A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin
Bookclub recommendation_Mrs Houdini by Victoria Kelly
ART_5_Creating Texture in Colored Pencil by Gary Greene

no title Task 17_Project_100 MOVIES (To include completed series)
In order to complete this task, I will need to watch about 10 movies per month, a task I completed for August

John Wick: Chapter 2_2017_Keanu Reeves, Ruby Rose, John Leguizamo
Bride of Frankenstein_1935_Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, Colin Clive
Edge of Tomorrow_2014_Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton
Dunkirk_2017_Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh
National Gallery_2014_Behind-the-scenes documentary at the National Gallery in London
Logan_2017_Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant
John Reacher_2012_Tom Cruise, Werner Herzog, Lee Child, Rosamund Pike
Spider-Man: Homecoming_2017_Zendaya, Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei
Brillo Box (3 Cents off)_2016_Art Documentary
The Royal Tenenbaums_2001_Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anjelica Huston, Danny Glover, Ben Stiller, Alec Baldwin

Dribs & Drabs
11_ I readthe third book in the Ice & Fire series, A Storm of Swowrds

53 to 54_Read 5 art-related books
1_The Complete Colored Pencil Book by Bernard Poulin
     I book I had long had but never bothered to read but from which, now that I really want to explore colored pencils, I learned a lot.
2_Eyewitness Art: Color by Alison Cole
    A book I had bought for Aaron back in the day which touches on all the fundementals of color
3_A Girl Reading by Katie Ward
     The only book I bought for this task, it tells the stories, through historical-fiction, of several through-the-ages paintings and more recently social media, of women reading.
4_Painting With Water-Soluble Colored Pencils by Gary Greene
5_Creating Texture in Colored Pencil by Gary Greene
     Nos 4 & 5 were books that had belong to my dad and that I now have also read :)

Ever onward ***

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no title Task 16_Project_50 BOOKS
In order to complete this task, I will need to read about five books per month which, frankly, is daunting but I managed last year so...maybe. And it is a task I DID NOT complete for July

31_A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin
32_ART_Painting With Water-Soluble Colored Pencils by Gary Greene
33_Bookclub recommendation_I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Making the Journey from "What Will People Think?" to "I Am Enough" by Brené Brown

no title Task 17_Project_100 MOVIES (To include completed series)
In order to complete this task, I will need to watch about 10 movies per month, a task I completed for July

61_The Accountant_2016_Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons
62_Whatever Happened to Baby Jane_1962_Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono, Maidie Norman
63_Spirited Away_2001_Animation_Director: Hayao Miyazaki_Haku, Chihiro Ogino, Yubaba
64_The Great Courses_History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective_Professor Gregory S Aldrete_48 Lectures
65_Birth of a Nation_2016_Nate Parker, Gabrielle Union, Armie Hammer, Aja Naomi King
66_The Thin Man_1934_Myrna Loy, William Powell, Skippy as Asta, Maureen O'Sullivan
67_Eames: The Architect and the Painter_2011_Art Documentary
68_Life_2017_Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada
69_Shadow of the Thin Man_1941_Myrna Loy, William Powell, Donna Reed, Barry Nelson
70_Appropriately, watched this for the Fourth of July_Yankee Doodle Dandy_1942_James Cagney, Walter Huston

Dribs & Drabs
None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. As it were
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My mission101 for 2017

no titleTask 17_Project_100 MOVIES (To include completed series)
In order to complete this task, I will need to watch about 10 movies per month, a task I completed for February
The first three are a mission101_task #77_Watch Captain America trilogy. Why, I'm not really sure, a recommendation from a friend perhaps but Aaron and I have now decided to watch most, if not all, of the other movies in this Marvel universe. I don't even remember how many others :)
11_Captain America: The First Avengers_2011_Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving
12_Captain America: The Winter Soldier_2014_Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan
13_Captain America: Civil War_2016_Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Robert Downey Jr.
The next is an excellent movie even if I'm not entirely sure what was going on. Maybe I need the book :)
13_Arrival_2016_Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker
The six last films I found on a list of like the Best Fifteen Art Films from this decade, some of which we had already seen, a couple of which looked not interesting. Each of these is terrific. And if you want to know more about any of them just ask.
15_Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery_2014_Biography/Documentary_Wolfgang & Helene Beltracchi
16_Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang_2016_Biography/Documentary_Cai Guo-Qiang
17_Revenge of the Mekons_Documentry_2013_The band & various music critics & so on
18_Art of Conflict_2012_Documentary_The street murals of Northern Ireland
19_The 100 Years Show_2015_Short Film/Biography_The life of Carmen Herrera, an minimalist who, after more than 50 years of painting, found fame in her early 80s. She is now 101.
20_Finding Vivian Maier_2013_Biography/Documentry_John Maloof
no titleTask 16_Project_50 BOOKS
In order to complete this task, I will need to read about five books per month which, frankly, is daunting but I managed last year so...maybe. And it is a task I completed for February.
Bookclub recommendation: I had read this already and was glad to read it again
6_Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
The first four of a seven book series which will be finished up in March!!
7_Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov
8_Forward to Foundation by Isaac Asimov
9_Foundation by Isaac Asimov
10_Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov

I fought this stupid drawing for three months, which I never do.  Now on to something new :)
19_Two Month DRAWING YAY!!!
We repainted the interior of our house last year, from sage-y greens to grays and now the dining room chair seats, which were jewel tones and are now black, match.
59 to 61_Recover Dining room chair seat-covers
I receive catalogs. Aaron & I decided which pics represent how I should look, in an ideal world of endless money. I cut those out. I tape them in a binder organized by category. Old School. And VOILA!!
68_Create My Fashion Book
This is a project I started before Aaron was born wherein I write to him about our lives, the good, the bad, the indifferent. The general --went to car show last weekend-- to the specific --tonight for dinner, we had..... In it I also copy and paste my Livejournal entries. At the end of each year, I go through the entire document, usually around 40 or 50 pages @ 10pt. Aerial, and edit it mostly for spelling. And so, 2016 is done as done.
69_Edit Aaron's JOURNAL for 2016
70_Print (I love you, Office Max) and put into BINDER

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My mission101 for 2017

Task 17_Project_100 MOVIES (To include completed series)
In order to complete this task, I will need to watch about 10 movies per month, a task I completed for January.

If I had to rec a movie from this first list of 10 it would be Iris, a documentary about Iris Apfel, the 93-year-old, in 2014, style maven who shows that no matter how excentric, if you are true to yourself, and life coopertes just a little, you can lead a very genunine life. And yes, she is still alive at 95 :)

1_The Right Stuff_1983_Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Chuck Yeager, Sam Shepard, Dennis Quai
2_Lantana_2001_Anthony LaPaglia, Kerry Armstrong, Barbara Hershey, Geoffrey Rush
3_Woman in Gold_2015_Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds
4_The Infiltrator_2016_Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, John Leguizamo, Benjamin Bratt
5_The Secret Lives of Pets_2016_Kevin Hart, Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Jenny Slate
6_Good Night, and Good Luck_George Clooney, David Strathairn, Robert Downey Jr., Patricia Clarkson
7_Magnificent Seven_2016_Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Lee Byung-hun, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo,
          Vincent D'Onofrio, Martin Sensmeier, Haley Bennett
8_Guardians of the Galaxy_2014_James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper
9_Iris_2014_Documentary about Iris Apfel directed by Albert Maysles
10_Rewatched Game of Thrones

Task 16_Project_50 BOOKS
In order to complete this task, I will need to read about five books per month which, frankly, is daunting but I managed last year so...mayabe. And it is a task I completed for January.

If I had to rec a book from this first list of five, I couldn't. For me, books aren't like movies. They are more personal, more dependant on mood or, in the case of nonfiction, need. Maybe Watership Down which is a re-read. Or the playing-with-words of Norton Juster in Tollbooth. Hard to say :) The red indicates books read for a Book Challenge (which I snagged last year from [ profile] fansee) within a my Read 50 Books task.

1_Book I've been meaning to read_Charlotte's Web by EB White
2_The 8-Minute Organizer by Regina Leeds
3_Watership Down by Richard Adams
4_Book recommended by spouse or child_The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
5_Focus by Daniel Goleman

Then there's the bits & pieces
I completed Tasks 64 throught 67_Organize Social Media which I posted about here.
          Weirdly, this has actually made a difference in my life.
And I completed Tasks 99 to 100_Organize Jewlery which I posted about here.
          This has just made me happy :D

In order to have a successful 2017 mission, I will need to complete about 10 tasks per month, which I did for January.
          I need to start strong out-the-gate because months will come when I will falter. Always happens and so, it's nice to have a little cushion.

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For the past few years, I have done my mission101s quietly, behind the scenes as it were, having declared my intention to Update periodically and then, not following through.
          I am now, once again, declaring my intention. Let us see how I follow through.

Shared-ideas.jpg TASKS 64 through 67_Organize SOCIAL MEDIA: the idea here being that if I have it, I should use it in some practical way that benefits my life not just wastes my time. Otherwise, I should just leave it behind.
         I include email here only from an orgazational POV. Leaving it behind is not an option :)

Everything feels so tidy!!!

65_Organize Tumblr_my fun child

Tumblr is my fun place, my mindless, for the most part, place, easy in-easy out so the main thing here was to clean up my feed, removing those who are no longer relevant and, toward the future, adding those who will be, a WIP. I want tumblr to be informative but not heavy and probably focused mainly on art & fun-facts science, happy gifs, Did You Knows, and so on. Easy :)

66_Organize Livejournal_my problem child

Currently I'm having a nearly one-way conversation, so I went through my Friends-List removing almost all of those who hadn't posted in over a year & some of those I comment to but who never comment to me. Two-way street, people. Didn't leave many so in doing this I realized I need a different kind of f-list, one less focused on the etherealness of fandom. Although the friends I've garned through fandom, I love, I need more friends focused on lifestyle which a few of my famdon friends have become.
          I also cleaned up my Scrapebook, which is actually pretty fun, scanning through ALL the photos I've posted over my years on Livejournal. And finally, I updated my Profile to better reflect my new focus so, I'll see how it goes. Oh and user icons. So many parts!

67_Organize Email_my where-everything-funnels-through child

I lightened the load by about 800 no-longer-needed emails some, since I am something of a hoarder when it comes to messages from friends, dating back to 2009.

64_Organize Twitter_my socio-political child

My twitter feed was also heavily skewed toward a fandom-focus. Instead, I've made into my socio-political place-to-go, deleting many lovely people I not longer feel an affinity with, following some senators, one an actual Republican (Mitch McConnell) so I can bitch bitch bitch, a few congressmen, and orgs that fit my mood, suit my attitude, support my world-view. Oh and journalists like Dan Rather.
As an unnecessary aside, I've joined Facebook but only with an extremely limited focus, three friends so far, who I love but who live far far away so I never get to see them. As we grow older I would like to refind them on a more daily basis :)

A happy happy sigh


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...can mean only one thing for me, even as my old mission101 ends, my new begins!

0_pencils.jpg Out with the old which can be found here
Completed TOTAL_91
Not Completed TOTAL_10_These were mainly tasks for making everyday life just a little bit better like MEDITATE 4 times per week. Started out well then let meditation just drift away like a dandoline seed on the wind. Also, I once again failed to research my father's ancestry, despite the marvelous information given me by [ profile] sydneyalexis. So with her information still at hand, on list #8 that ges :)


Mission101_# 8
Start: January 1, 2017_End December 31, 2017
Number of Tasks_101
Number of Tasks Completed TOTAL:
Number of Tasks Not Completed TOTAL:
January Completed_     February Completed_     March Completed_     April Completed_
May Completed_     June Completed_     July Completed_     August Completed_
September Completed_     October Completed_     November Completed_     December Completed_


1 & 2_Read all (approximately 7) bookclub recommended

3 through 8_Foundation series by Isaac Asimov
9 through 15_A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin

16_Project_50 BOOKS

17_Project_100 MOVIES

19 through 23_Six Two Month DRAWINGS

Project_STORY_The Throw-Away Children
24_Write a 100 or so word summary
25 to 26_Develop protagonists
27_Basic narrative outline
28 to 29_Develop, re: Guide to, five truths
30 to 31_Develop antagonists
32 to 33_World-Building

Project_CHILD'S Book
34_Research what is already available
          I Am Jazz, by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings_ publishing

Project_GENEOLOGY Research_Ancesters.com_JOIN
35 through 45_Father’s side

46 through 56_Mother's side

57 through 59_Remove old fabric
60_Cut new fabric
61 to 63 _Recover

64 to 67_Organize Twitter_Tumbler_Livejournal_Email

68 through 71_Project #6_Orgazine/ Post/ Print/ Album
72_Project #7_8 photos/ month_0/ 12

73_PHOTOGRAPHY Project #6 Book
74_Update POSSESSIONS Book
75_Update CLOTHING Book

          Make 6 purchases to upgrade wardrobe_0/ 6

77_Watch Captain America trilogy_0/ 3

          Download & Explore

          Create list of Family Holiday & Seasonal

Hallway bathroom

81_FREERice_ 0/ 100,000
82_GREATERGood/Care2 4/ week 0/ 210

84 through 87_POST 2 NASA photos_1 YOUTUBE vid_2 ARTICLES_2 QUOTES

88 through 91_Lumosity/ Draw/ Write/ Write in Document 09

92 through 95_Week End_house schedule/ yard schedule/ menu/ weekly list
95_Month End_LIVEJOURNAL_0/ 12
96_Month End_PHOTOGRAPHY_0/ 12
97_Month End_HOUSE_0/ 12

98 to 99_Organize jewelry


101_Compile Mission101 Task List for 2018

And so on. And so on. And so on.


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