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This has been much fun & a great learning experience, especially, for me, when my daughter was also participating. I plan on doing List Two but starting in September, I need a little break & a chance to capture some prompt-appropriate photographs. It is also Lauren's intention to complete List One but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, although I do think she'll post more once summer comes. Since it is my last post for this list, I'm posting like I do at the community, not the collage-y way I have been lately. Thanks for stopping by all these months, I appreciate it.

Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 7
Themes: 50_breath; 53_teacher; 94_home; 95_shy; 96_tackle; 97_begin; 100_life

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Catch you on the flip-side.

all the rest, including Lauren's 47, are @ flickr

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I posted @ 100_snapshots last week but neglected to do so here so, two in one.
And, while I would hope it's isn't difficult how a photo fits its theme, if you don't understand why, just ask. I have my reasons, I really do.

Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 10
78_Rest; 80_Meeting; 81_Vacant; 83_Release; 84_Gather;
Themes: 85_Swarm; 87_Wait; 88_Stand; 92_Detach; 93_Shatter

flickr for ALL the rest
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Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
72_Keys; 74_Find; 75_;Lose; 76_Drag; 77_Wind

Keys_Lauren's key collection in a milk-glass bowl
Drag_Sweeping sweeping sweeping up leaves is a drag and this is obviously an older picture, from last November
Find_Lauren trying to find our way around SCU
Lose_Pretty tree will lose its pretty flowers

flickr for whatever came before
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Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
55_Wash; 62_Rope; 64_Chase; 66_Smirk; 70_Soul

1) Wash(room) @ the gym
2) Rope all is tied together with it
3) Smirk Even if it does sound mean, Lauren & I couldn't help but smirk just a little at this woman's deck shoes.
4) Chase Pretend dolphins play pretend chase
5) Soul my definition

flickr for the rest

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Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
54_Cream; 45_Fall; 48_Kool-Aid; 49_Dark; 52_Silk

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Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
44_heavy; 40_loss; 2_stale; 42_sweet; 41_wonder

Heavy is a sculpture in front of the library @ Santa Clara University
Loss is a display of dog-tags
Stale & Sweet are, hopefully, self-explanatory
Wonder is a ceiling & ceiling painting @ the New York Library

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Since sleep is avoiding me once again, I might as well do this, right?

Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
34_Vein; 37_Empty; 38_Cliche; 35_Rush; 39_Central

The third one, cliche, is my husband, David and my daughter, Lauren with Mr. Washington.
The fourth one, rush, has California vineyards in its background.
The fifth one, central, is, of course, Central Park, also possibly a cliche, but so be it, I like the shot.
Clicking on them makes them

flickr for Weeks One through Twenty
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Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
Themes: 20_Pale; 21_Earth; 23_Scars; 24_Stray; 28_Fresh


Link to flickr for past posts
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not MORE photography!!

Yes, my dears, more freakin photography\!!!!!
because waaaaaaay back last March, I stopped posting to [ profile] 100_snapshots for a number of reasons, but mainly for two: my laptop crashed taking with it many UNbacked-up photos that had been taken for the comm. and Lauren's unavailability due to her homework load during her junior, and now senior, year. While new photos have come along, she's still buried in work so, I've decided to go it alone, otherwise, I'll never get done and be able to move on to List Two. Together, we completed about 45 of the 100 themes and I currently have all the rest done but 1. I hope to post five themes once per week until List One is finished. During the summer, if she has time, Lauren may be able to contribute again, but not until then. Damn you AP Physics.

First List: Eighteenth Post
Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
Themes: 5_Open; 6_Forever; 7_Love; 8_Touch; 9_Colorless

Link to flickr for past posts

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Some in this community are photographers who take or set-up gorgeous shots using Good cameras.

On the other hand, while I once was a photographer, I now take snapshots, as does Lauren, with nothing planned and with Point & Shot Cameras. Maybe by List Two (more likely by Three) we will attempt being photographers. That having been said, I like what we are doing and she is having a great time. Whenever I say 'Let's go take some pictures' she whines and moans but once there, I have to keep saying 'come on, honey, let's go' because it's always 'just one more, mom.'
Very Cool.

Photographers: Gaeln & Loren
Number of Photos: 4
Themes: 10_blue & 90_trapped

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Lauren and I are participating together.
When we both have a snapshot that matches a particular theme,
in this case the two themes are WITHIN & YELLOW,
I will post there and link here.

to our comm. post

Let me know what you think and I'll pass any comments and suggestions on.
(I told her I didn't want to use her real name over there so, she tells me to use Loren because...that's different.
So, I did.

Now I'm off to try and figure out flickr.
Sholdn't be to hard since they seem to already know who I am.
Sweet.and just a little strange.

EDIT: I now have a flickr account under gaylen94 I think.
But I'm friendless and so sad.
If you're over there, let me know.


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