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Okay, I know, I never post these things this close together, but I need this to be

Sunday October 2, 2011 And who do we have here? Could it be, why yes, yes it is...Zorac the Monster Sock Doll. His right leg looked a little bumpy but I fixed that by just squeezing it after taking the pic. He was cool with it.

trees in B&W, a shiny glass ball...again, my notebook plus my not-to-be-missed very last photograph, an oldie but a goodie, I think anyway but you decide for yourself, k? )

the flickr of our lives
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Just one more post, my friends. Just one more after this one.

Sunday September 25, 2011 A close-up of the glass ball Lauren and I hung out in the courtyard over the summer that a girlfriend had given me what? maybe 5 years ago? and I had never bothered to hang. Now, we have and it looks delightful.

photos of fog and failing flowers, of Zorac the monster sock doll's beginnings, yet another pepper within a pepper ??!!!? and so on )

the flickr of our lives

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Tomorrow i take my last photograph for this first time doing this project...EEEEEEEE!!!
Although, I imagaine I'll be going out with a whimper rather than a bang...whatever, one year done.
And then, on to the next starting< I think, the first of November.

In the meanwhile, back to mid-September:

Sunday September 18, 2011 Birds, this is a picture of birds, one is damaged in his chest, one is in flight.

garden things, shiny things, one flying thing, and my grandma's little dog )

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Sunday September 11, 2011 My favorite kind of photograph, reflections in a store window, where at first anyway, you're not just sure what it is you're looking at.

a cool red pepper, UC Santa Cruz, my house before & after, a magnifying glass & something else I think...hummm? )

the flickr of our lives
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Some of you may be wondering when-in-hell I'll be with this 365b thing. Weeeeell, soon.
Actually, October 8 is my finally day, but alas, I am going to keep posting photos beyond that date, but, just, as with [ profile] mission101, in my own way.
As in, I won't be posting a photo for every day, although I will keep taking a photo for every day, but will only be posting the THREE biggest and bestest for every week.
That way I'll get to use my words a bit more. I need to refocus on my words.
With this post, I will have just four more to go.

Sunday September 4, 2011 My book consumption for August was not very good, other things to do, I guess, although Lauren and I did do TWO of the Great Courses. At top is a photo of my long gone cat, Milo and below is photo of a long gone me.

yogusrt, Perfect Strangers, Osh DONE & dinner out twice!!!!!!!  )

The flickr of our lives
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Just playing catch-up

Sunday August 28, 2011 As we were getting ready to put the groceries in the car, I realized where, actually, the keys were and that my phone was dead and that Lauren didn't bring hers ???, so back we went into the store where they let me use their phone to call David who brought us my spare set. Geeeez.

this is a better week, especially if you're into butterflies, plus all of Luaren's college stuff, plus OMG another of me ready for work, plus my very cool bulletin board configuratioed, plus oh yeah, how could I forget? - the last of OSH & like that :D )

The flickr of our lives
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Sunday August 21, 2011 A glimpse of Lauren as we did some final shopping for her move. I find this photo rather symbolic.

a sunflower, city hall, waiting for dinner, a magnifying glass, in SF waiting in line )

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I wanted to post yesterday, but LJ was having none of it, hence today. Unfortunately, today I am migraining and so, I may ramble, say too much, perhaps not enough. I can never tell. All I know is: My fucking head hurts :(

Sunday August 14, 2011 I had this flash of insight because with me, if fruits and veggies are out-of-sight, they are out-of-mind. They used to live in the opened drawer, which now holds rarely used condiments, while now they live very happily on the door in see-through baggies and they are being CONSUMED. It's a miracle, I tell you. Fruits are on the first shelf and veggies are on the second. I can literally feel the health surging through me.

Honestly, this was a slow_boring_quiet kind of week, so kitty from next door, day & night, half of my bookclub and frickin' OSH )
The flickr of our lives

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his posts somewhat right
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With this post, I will have been doing this project for 287 days, not a magical number by any means, but pretty impressive for me of the very short attention span and even if I am about three weeks behind in posting.
So, on to the show! such as it is :-)

Flowers from the courtyard pots brought inside and placed in malkglass. My only regret is that I cut off Snoopy's nose, but dude is still so cool. The smudge of purple in the background sky is the same tree as can be seen in Saturday at the end.

Sunday August 7, 2011_I LOVE this photograph even if I do say so myself.Read more... )Read more... )
Posting seems wonky right now, so I'm not reediting, which I normally do several times after my initial posting because I always, then, find mistakes. Then and only then_why? PLUS first level spellchecker doesn't seem to work for me, so please ignore any mistakes.

The Flickr of Our Lives

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Oh my, so behind!!

Frozen yogurt with much fruit...yum. Mine is the berries et al while Lauren's is the kiwi et al.

Sunday July 31, 2011 Willow Glen is getting a new shopping/ dining complex, which is good and bad. Good because all neighborhoods need investment dollars, but bad because Willow Glen is a street of little stores, like an old-fashioned downtown. This complex will be something more like a outdoor mall. Still...nice architecture.

Kohls, Los Gatos, Lick Observatory, and more!! )

The flickr of our lives
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I posted this shot once before in the darkness of winter 6pm, now I post it in the bright sunlight of summer 6pm.

Sunday July 24, 2011 It would seem we eat dinner at The Spaghetti Factory regularly because we do since David likes it and who am I to argue with dinner out downtown. This is my mazithra cheese with brown butter and bacon AND this is my leftovers.

Read more... )Read more... )
The flickr of our lives
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Sunday July 17, 2011 Lauren noticed this reflection of light through my 'stained glass' angel  onto our highboy. I thought it pretty enough for a photograph.

Merlin & the dragon, a community board, a ground hog, fire, and shadow )Merlin & the dragon, a community board, a ground hog, fire, and shadow )

the flickr of our lives
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Sunday July 10, 2011 My little girl is little and having bought her a lovely jacket and 'good' pants, we needed to have the sleeves shortened and the hems taken up.

photo heavy_we went hiking (3), we saw Harry Potter, (3) I went to the park, my agapanthus bloomed (1 before and 1 after) )

The flickr of our lives
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Sunday July 3, 2011 Reading for June. I've included the laptop, which is now broken : ( since I read quite a bit of fanfic in June. I read the first book and half of the second of the Secret Circle obviously because of Gale and the lj bookclub. Incognito is new ideas about how the brain deals with its self and us.

Fourth of July, Phineas & Ferb, the airport etc. )

The flickr of our lives
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Last week David was gone to a wedding back east, so Lauren and I cocooned in. I would say, 'Would you like to go somewhere/" And she would  say, "Not particularly.' So, mostly we didn't and it was swell. Still, stuff got done if not posted. Consequently, this is late. No big surprise there and I'll need to post twice this week to catch up.

Sunday June 26, 2011 Two pitchers
For Lauren: The larger pitcher, with the crackle-glaze is the first antique piece I ever bought, at a little store your 'auntie' Esther took me to in La Puente. I was 18 or 19. I found the smaller clear-glaze one years later and bought it only because it companioned so well with my original.

some flora, a coffee place, Dennys, this was really kind of a quiet week )

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Sunday June 19, 2011 Unless you're into GlamNation this is meaningless, but personally, I squeed 'ooooh, Lauren look...GLAM Bedding right next to TOMMY Bedding!!!!! (at Bed Bath & Beyond)

a little me, lots of friends, reflections and whatever )

the flickr of our lives

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Sunday June 12, 2011
Cute Story:
Christmas and my birthday are one week apart.
The large one was bought for me for Christmas by David at least 20 years ago.
The smaller one was bought for me for my birthday by my best friend Barbara (she starred with Lauren in a pic in last week's post) the same year.
Kind of amazing when you consider they had no idea what the other was getting. I took the photo with them laying on Lauren's bedroom rug.

more wildlife, bathing angels, a little flora and so on )

The flickr of our lives

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Late again...oops :D

Sunday June 05, 2011 Lauren, who has obviously become our wildlife photographer, got a cute pic of one of 'our' squirrels

Barbara & Lauren, reflections, OSH, atypical graduation photo, courtyard sortof, and some other stuff )

the flickr of our lives

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What I put this child through...heeee :D

Sunday May 29, 2011 Me & she @ the hair salon.

rain, OSH's renovation, 'my' park, May books and a family heirloom  )

the flickr of  our lives

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Sunday May 22, 2011 Antiquing_one person's discards are another person's treasures in our throw-away/ recycle society

cleaning up the courtyard, the transformation of mervyns begins, & Lauren's art @ the district wide art show )

the flickr of our lives


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