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With my first 365 Photography Project I actually took one photo per day, ultimately around 400 photos since some days required more than one photo to fully capture that day's essence, posting each to Livejournal & flickr, and finally creating from them an album of that year of our life, 2011, for Lauren.
          Finally realizing that this approach was undoable year after year, not only is it a lot of work, but the albums would eventually take up an enormous amount of space, with my second 365 Photography Project, I cut the number back to around 200 or one-half the album space used the first time.
          This is still tooooooooo much so, I have decide to limit myself to 80 photos per year, which will ultimately allow me to fit 5 years into each album assuming that I'm crazy enough to continuing doing this forever, which could very well be the case. I'm sure Lauren will be very appreciative of how thoughtful I'm being since I know that want she wants, when she grows up, is a clean, unencumbered living space.

So, without further adu, the last photo of this my second not really 365 Photography Project
September23_2012_Sunday_back to Santa Cruz
Sunday September 23, 2012_Lauren back to Santa Cruz...a sophmore!!! This year she rooms with two girls, Alexandra, known to all as Alex, and Hanna, know to all as Ana. Fortunately, Lauren remains known to all as Lauren so, big sigh of relief there.
         She is now in a large triple which really is with four windows instead of only two and with a very high peaked ceiling since this room is on the third, and uppermost, floor. I actually consider it spacious.
         She is sadly on longer in Galen House but is now in Gauss House, seriously, who apparently was a big deal, like the BIGGEST deal, mathmatician in the 19 Century.

the flickr of our lives
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only one this week and it isn't even mine

September18_2012_Tuesday_another Lauren squirrel.
Tuesday September 18, 2012_Lauren's photo of yet another adorable squirrel outside her bedroom window.

the flickr of our lives


behind the cut are all the things, for better or worse, Lauren & I did over the summer )

  Live well and prosper

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Thursday September 13, 2012_Lauren & I got our bloodwork done, at 8am at a blood center which, happily, was directly across the street from one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, Country Inn, for our physicals tomorrow.

September14_2012_Friday_English dinnerSeptember14_2012_Friday_English dinner_detail
Friday September 14, 2012_Lauren and Jimmy created an English Dinner which consisted of a first course of (not shown) broccoli soup with Irish Soda bread, a second course of (shown) Scotch Eggs, Cornish Pasties, and a fresh pea & canellini salad with a dessert course of (not shown) mince meat tartlets, treacle tartlets, (apparently Harry Potter's favorite dessert) and a berry-soaked brioche fruit-stuffed loaf with clotted cream. It took the kids two days to prepare everything actually ordering the treacle from England. Fabulous!!!

September15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup-ASeptember15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup_C
September15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup_BSeptember15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup
 Saturday September 15, 2012_River Cleanup Day Fall Edition_Lauren working with grass and condos in the background plus 3 photos of the area where we, and the other volunteers, were working.

The flickr of our lives

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I am actually only ONE DAY late!!!
What madness is this??

September02_2012_Sunday_August books
Sunday September 2, 2012
August books_Night Circus is this month's bookclub book AND is an amazing story about magic, beautifully written. Woolf's Orlando is also an amazing and complex story, came to me highly recommended by [ profile] flashfly, about a long-lived human being who first tastes life as a man and then as a's Surreal.
DVDs_Teaching Company's London: A Short History was terrifically fun to watch especially with the Olympics going on simultaneously. Teaching Company's Your Deceptive Mind talks to the falacies of our critical thinking and how to try at least to mitigate those facacies' negative effects. Hey Arnold and Dexter's Laboratory are two of Lauren's favortie kid-hood cartoons that I'm buying her the first seasons of.

September05_2012_Wednesday_Mr Clinton
Wednesday_September 5, 2012_Mr. Clinton, off our TV, at the Democratic National Convention.

September06_2012_Thursday_DNC Launch party
Thursday September 6, 2012_Lauren and I ventured downtown to the Democratic National Commitee's headquarters to join others for President Obama's acceptance speech. Such great fun!!!

The flickr of our lives

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Okay, so I'm like a million billion weeks behind or possibly just four but's tooooo much so, I'm making up for lost time.

Forty-Fourth Post_Week of August 5th

Sunday August 5, 2012_Our Sunday Farmers Market which is right across the street and our bounty from this particular day which included fruits, veggies and cheese. Different vendors also offer up breads, salsas, curries, honey, salmon and chicken, all organic and humanely grown. Altough not all the fruits and vegetables are orgainc, the amount that is seems to grow from weekend to weekend :D Usually Lauren and I go early-ish and have a ham & cheese quiche for breakfast as well.
Forty-Fifth Post_Week of August 12

Monday August 13, 2012_Yard cleanup_before & after

Thursday August 16, 2012_We were coming home from downtown, waiting at a light when I looked out the car window & saw this sky so, I stuck my camera out the open window and captured it.

Saturday August 18, 2012_Whole Foods & the Stanford Bllodmobile_I title this 'Trying Again' because, as one or two of you may recall, last time Lauren tried to give blood her blood pressure was quite a bit too low so she couldn't donate. This time I had them check her pressure first so as not to waste  time and as she was fine, we went on ahead with the process, which resulted in her NOT being allowed to donate because her iron level was just barely to low. Le sigh :( We determined that her multi-vitamin had no iron in it so, we've found a new one that does. I'm excited to see just what might be wrong next time she tries to donate.
Forty_Sixth Post_Week of August 19

Tuesday August 21, 2012_Drive by Roses_Lauren & I again helped Katie and her garden club with their roses. As we were leaving, I had Lauren take this photograph, which I love because of her in the mirror.

Saturday August 25, 2012_Visiting the Hadleys & my favorite dog, Goldie. I love the perspective. 
Forty-Seventh Post_Week of August 27, 2012
Wednesday August 29, 2012_From Lauren's bedroom window taken by her. I love seeing the squirrels when they are soooo relazed because, generally, they are chasing each other either spiralling up and down the tree trunks or acrobating across the power lines :D This litttle one is content.

And no, our lives aren't really this boring, I'm just slacking on the photography.

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Just trying to get caught up :-D This past week, ending July, was simple.

July29_2012_Sunday_donating blood
Sunday July 29, 2012_Donating blood
Ironic little story_Over a year ago, when it was discovered that Lauren has O Neg blood, the Stanford Blood Bank started calling, but despite my trying to convince her, she really didn't want to donate again, I think because finding out that she has the rarest blood type both scared her and made her angry. Still, when Stanford called yet again this summer, she finally agreed and we both signed up, for 9am the morning AFTER our return from Ohio, the most convenient time at the most convenient location available.

Well...after arriving, once we'd answered a bunch of questions and had taken a little battery of test, while I was good to go, they informed her that she couldn't donate, at least not that day, because her blood pressure was too low at 110 over 40 instead of like mine at 110 over 75, probably because she just naturally has low blood pressure and was very dehydrated from being trapped on a plane the entire day before where she'd refused to drink water because she, more importantly, refuses to use airplane bathrooms. WILL NOT. Just a little neurotic, I guess.

So, I was able to donate while she wasn't and now, I must reschedule (she insists :-DDD) making sure she is utterly and entirely hydrated the day before we go.

July31_2012_JTuesday_uly books
Tuesday July 31, 2012_July reading and viewing_I finished 2/ 3rds of Dante's Divine Comedia, (I was more engaged with Inferno than with Purgatorio, but liked them both) plus Lauren and I watched the first season of The Wild Thornberrys and Optimizing Brain Fitness, which actually changed how we manage our day!!! and I finished The History of the English Language, my 2nd time through.

The flickr of our lives

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Still late so... this is still Ohio, our second, and final, week there. 

July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Dinner
July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Louie_Googie_Lily
July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Fallow July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Planted
Sunday July 22, 2012_We (we being Lucy, David, Lauren and I) visited John, a kind of uncle to David although he's not Lucy's brother, & Marilyn's country home, which is located about an hour outside of Toledo, where we ate well, played with their three dogs, Louie, Googie and Lily, and drove through lovely countryside both fallow and green.

July23_2012Z_Monday_Star Trek
Monday July 23, 2012_Lauren and I had wanted to attend the Star Trek Next Generation Fathom Event here in San Jose and so, we were delighted we when we discovered that it was showing on the very same nigh at a very local theater to us in Toledo. They showed two of the remastered episodes from Season One plus interviews with all the major cast members. Such fun!!! The remastering of this series has been a major undertaking and is stunningly done. If you were into STNG and haven't already, you probably should check it out.

July28_2012_Saturday_flying home
Saturday July 28, 2012_Just outside of Toledo on our way home and taken by Lauren.

The flickr of our lives

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I'm waaaaaay behind but back at home at last, so I should be able to catch up within the next couple of days.

This is the last part of my July 15 to July 21 weekly post, just a couple of photos from the day we drove north to Ann Arbor MI for their yearly Art Festival :)) No photos of the art, just of the art lovers.

July21_2012_Saturday_Ann arbor art fair_shoppers
Festival goers!

July21_2012_Saturday_Ann arbor art fair_state theater
More festival and a cool old theater!!

More festival goers and a cool old church!!!
Saturday July 21, 2012_Ann Arbor Michigan Art Fair

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The Toledo Ohio saga continues with Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, which is VERY pretty and somewhat old, at least in an American kind of way.


Faraway...with reflections.

The other way with Susan, my husband's cousin and our guide, and Lauren.

Some very sweet angels.
Friday July 28, 2012_The Old West End_Rosary Cathedral. The link takes you to Wiki which has a photo of the outside.

the flickr of our lives

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I hope you all are doing well but since my access to WiFi is very limited, I haven't had the opportunity to check anyone's journal's in over a week. I feel so out of it :(

Still, I have more photos, as can be seen from this post, than normal, so I'm going to spread them out over three days so as not to overwhelm, which means Starbucks daily. sad :)

The adult dancers alternated with the children...

who patiently waiting, watching and learning. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo of the kids.

The crowd.

July15_2012_Sunday_Polish festival_family Sunday July 15, 2012_The Polish Festival_First through third photos are of the folk dancers, the fourth is of Lauren, David, Lucy, my mom-in-law, and Elba, Lucy's sister.

the flickr of our lives

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Thus far, for the 5 days we have been here in Toledo, partly because of family, partly because of business, Lauren and I have basically remained indoors, in my mom-in-law's house, due to the freakin' heat. Today, we decided to get out and are currently sitting in the local Starbucks, with their reliable wifi, doing internet-y stuff. We were dropped off by my husband since I have no car and the walk here is looooong-ish. We've only been here around 10 minutes so, naturally, the skies have opened dumping much needed water along with its accompanying bursts of lovely thunder and lightening. We had planned on walking home, we are no longer sure if that's such a good idea. Time will tell.

July12_2012__parking garage
Thursday July 12, 2012_Lauren and I went to our local theater to see a Fathom Event presentation of a remix of Singing in the Rain which was fantastic, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Debbie Reynolds never looked prettier plus they had an interview with Ms. Reynolds that was very sweet. Alas, though, the theater didn't have a poster, so to document the event I took a photo of our Erik's Deli dinner, a sandwich called Pilgrim's Progress with chicken noodle soup and a photo of the view out of the parking garage, as we were leaving, which Lauren thought was cool. We had a terrific time!!!

July13_2012 July13_2012
Friday July 13, 2012_View out of the window of the airport_View out of the window of the airplane_And apparently when I wasn't paying any attention, I opened a chocolate store in the Toledo airport. How clever am I??!!??

the flickr of our lives

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July01_2012_Sunday_Naturals Bridges July01_2012_Sunday_exploring
Sunday July 2, 2012 First Photo_Natural Bridges yet again. And again, for those who are interested, there once were two of these stone "bridges' separated from the shore, but one of them fell down so, while they still call this place Natural Bridges, it is actually Natural s. Second Photo_I captured three, of four, kids going off to explore tide pools and such, Jimmy, Lauren and Joanna. James is off to the left :(

July04_2012_Wednesday_crowd July04_2012_Wednesday_fireworks July04_2012_Wednesday_Jimmy & Lauren
Wednesday July 4, 2012_We return to Morgan Hill once again for America's Happy Birthday celebration. First Photo_Celebrants taken in line while waiting to order hot chocolate because it was very cold. Second Photo_A self-explanatory not great pic of gun powder made pretty. Third Photo_Out-of-focus Jimmy smiling while Lauren

July05_2012_Thursday_on our way July05_2012_Thursday_arrived Thursday July 5, 2012 First Photo_We're at the Branham lightrail station heading downtown. You may note that in the parking lot across the highway, the tippy-top of the cream color car to the extreme left is mine :D Second Photo_Our destination, San Jose's Modern Art Museum. The old original building houses one large gallery, the gift store and the Cafe with two floors of gallery space in the new-ish building.

flickr has all the rest

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June25_2012_Mondayx June25_2012_Monday
Monday June 25, 2012_Our lunch before Brave from Erik's Deli & Cafe, Lauren and I shared butternut squash soup, a Reuben sandwich, and raspberry tea...yum yum!!!
And two posters for the movie, which was wonderful btw :))

Tuesday June 26, 2012_The Healthcare reform ruling!!!!!

Wednesday June 27, 2012_Lauren and I had lunch at Siena's with Barbara, which was especially nice since Barbara and Lauren hadn't seen each other since last summer. Barbara had just gotten back from the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland OR, so she had lots to talk about.

flickr has all the rest

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icon camera_black&white 365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Seventh Post

June20_2012_Wednesday June20_2012_Wednesday
Wednesday June 20, 2012_A tiny bit of my garden

the flickr of our lives
icon camera_b&wSecond List_Thirty-Fifth Post_100_snapshots*

Number of photos: 4
Themes: 55_Full,  58_Elemental, 70_Tie, & 85_Collect





flickr has all the rest

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I have only one photograph for last week because only one is needed.

icon camera_black&white 365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Sixth Post

Thursday June 14, 2012_HOME!!!!!!!!!! for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

the flickr of our lives

icon camera_b&wSecond List_Thirty-Fourth Post_[ profile] 100_snapshots

Number of photos: 4
Themes: 45_Curve, 66_Face, 83_Inspiration, & 98_Wheel





flickr has all the rest

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June05_2012_Tuesday_venus and the sun
Tuesday June 5, 2012_I spent the greater part of the afternoon-evening watching the transit of the sun by Venus at the NASA EDGE, Hawaii webcam site. Fabulous fun!!! Especially fun also was watching the little vid from the international space station with its accompanying photos of the transit as seen by the station's 7 amazing camera. We live in an awesome time.

June06_2012_Wednesday_Frankenstein at Oakridge with Lauren
Wednesday June 6, 2012_I picked up Lauren in Santa Cruz at 3:30. We drove over the hill and were to Oakridge Mall by 5:00 where we met David, on his way home from work, at BJ's for pizza. By 6:00, David was on his way home and Lauren and I were on our way to the theater to wait  for Frankenstein which began at 7:00. We spent the 45 minute wait discussing BBC Sherlock :DD

Happily, the theater set-up the projector wrong and we were able to watch the entire opening 'birth' sequence with Jonny Lee Miller in the role of the monster before those in charge realized that it should be Benedict in that role. They started again, at the beginning, and we were able to compare and contrast the two actors' way of doing this most powerful scene. YAY!!

June07_2012_Thursday_Santa Cruz deer
Thursday, June 7, 2012_I drove Lauren back to Santa Cruz, got out of my car, heard some rustling, looked over and found her. She lazily continued on her way, munching here, munching there, completely unconcerned about us. Very cool.

. the flickr of our lives

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Last week was slow, my head hurt fairly consistently so, just some random photos.
May30_2012_Wednesday_taking Lauren back
Wednesday May 30, 2012_Taking Lauren back to Santa Cruz_That is one happy child, is she not? You'd think I had a gun trained on her. So wary.

June02_2012_Saturday_monthly reading_DVDs June02_the set
Saturday June 2, 2012_May reading and DVDing_ This I Believe is the bookclub book, we'll discuss it this coming weekend. Experiencing Hubble is one of the best Teaching Company courses I've watched where Professor David Meyer features his 10 favorite Hubble images and explains their significance. I learned so much!!! Art of the Postmodern Area is the last of a four volume set, which I began in early 2009, written by art critic, Irving Sandler. These volumes span 40 plus years and what I found quite interesting was Mr. Sandler's changing view of art as he, and the artists around him, grew older. He also co-wrote the Pulitzer prize winning biography of Williem de Kooning.

May31_2012_Thursday_changed  May31_comparisonMay23_2012_Wednesday_peppers
Thursday May 31, 2012_Comparison_I keep these strange pepper insides and, I find it interesting anyway, the little green pepper in my original photograph, to the right, slowly and completely continued it's change into a red one as did, but not completely, the larger of the upper cluster of little green peppers. But only those two, the others are simply drying up. Such is life.

. the flickr of our lives

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Sunday May 20, 2012_3 indirect photos of the eclipse that at least imply we were there.
In the first, the little purple circle is a reflection of the eclipse made inside my camera when its light bounced between the two mirrors,
In the second, David captured its image through a pinhole onto a second sheet of paper, and
In the third, its shape is reflected in the shadows through the leaves of the trees with my shadow taking the photo.

May 23, 2012_the strange insides of a sweet red pepper...again. I love, obviously, cutting open a red pepper and finding a little herd of green peppers growing inside!! Such pretty colors and with the mama pepper in the background.

May 25, 2012_Thistles in Santa Cruz_We arrived early to pickup the kids so, with time to waste, I took photographs of the thistles skirting a barbed wire fence. Lauren chose which to post, the first because it was the most 'classically' pretty and the second because it was the most 'poignant'. Indeed.

. the flickr of our lives

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Tuesday May 15, 2012_I helped Katie and her garden club for a 2nd month, deadheading the roses.

Wednesday May 16, 2012_I met with Barbara for lunch, again in Willow Glen, but this time at Bills. Next time I'll get a photo of her!! She's seated, although I didn't know it when I took the photo, to the right of the server.

As some of you may know, here in the US, Saturday May 19th was National River Cleanup Day. I participated for the first time and, man, what a learning experience. This is a photo of just some of what was collected during the 3 hours we worked. A good haul.

This is the lovely Guadalupe River where we worked, which runs from the summit, I believe, in the Santa Cruz Mountains through downtown San Jose where it has been made into a 3-mile park.

Where I worked was between the mountains and downtown where River Cleanup workers, actually and sadly, found a body. Having watched as much NCIS as I have, don't think the possibility didn't cross my mind every time I parted the brush.

The photo to the left is of a fish ladder helping.

the flickr of our lives

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Happy Mother's Day!!

In July of 2011, I posted the above photo as part of my first 365 Photography Project.

Wednesday May 9, 2012_The completed building, which is across the street from where Barbara and I had lunch at Aqui.

Friday May 11, 2012_David worked from home and, as you can see, he's taking care of our newly cleaned carpet :)

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