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I got a little behind here. Now I play catch up :)
August_both here and there )

September_mostly here with a little little bit of there )
Apparently I'm using the excuse of Lauren NOT being here to get some stuff done :)
(I miss you, baby)

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And just a little late I am :)

Tuesday July 1, 2014_June media_a Tennessee Williams bio which was fascinating and just a little depressing; an entire book about the pivotal year of 1959; The Americans, the photography of Robert Frank; Moonwalking With Einstein, about a journalist's personal journey in the world of memory competition that I loved, and The Hotel on Place Vendome, the true story of Paris's Hotel Ritz during its WWII occupation, my bookclub recommendation which everyone enjoyed!!!
Wednesday July 2, 2014_My bookclub in my courtyard, the ladies, the table, we had such fun :)

July04_2014_Friday_before fireworks
Friday July 4, 2014_I couldn't get the fireworks themselves, but I did get the silhouette-like photo of people getting ready for the show.

July06_2014_Sunday_Oaakridge Mall_Dragon Tales II
Sunday July 6, 2014_Lauren and I went to see How to Train Your Dragon II, a terrific movie BTW, and since they no longer had a poster, I instead took a photo of the elevators up to the theaters.

July19_2014_Saturday_Cisco building's wind turbines
Saturday July 19, 2014_David, Lauren, and I went downtown to dinner and after, decided to wonder aimlessly about, passing by the Adobe Headquarters with its wind turbines whirling!!

426909_600July29_2014_Tuesday_jimmy's corn
Tuesday July 29, 2014_From last month, Jimmy's garden as a reminder because NOW he has the jewel-toned corn all picked and nicely placed in a wicker basket with, for whatever reason, sheet music.

July29_2014_Wednesday_art class
Wednesday July 30, 2014_Lauren and I have been doing a little art class Wednesday evenings, this evening a still life.

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And so summer begins :)

June01_2014_Sunday_May readingJune01_2014_Sunday_crypto
Sunday June 1, 2014_May books and things_I include my kindle because held within is the book, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, 900 plus pages of a weird kind of historical fiction that follows two families during two time-periods, WWII and the late 1990's. It is excellent!!! Still, my recommendation, should I choose to make one, would be At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill, which takes place in Ireland during 1916-17 just prior to the formation of the Irish Republican Army.
I'm including a little video that [ profile] flashfly brought to my attention. Thank you again!!
From YouTube:
To coincide with the 10th anniversary of the publication of Jamie O'Neills Book, Earthfall are reviving their award-winning production of At Swim Two Boys for Autumn 2011. The story tells of the developing love between two teenage boys and, as the space slowly fills with water, the boys' relationship unfolds, they go into the sea to swim. Staged entirely in water, & set against the backdrop of the Easter Rising in Ireland, this tender & visually beautiful production previously toured to sell-out audiences in Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland & mainland Europe.

June13_2014_Friday_Getting LaurenJune13_2014_Friday_Getting Lauren_2
Friday June 13, 2014_Left photo_If you look closely into the building's mirrored window you can see my car's rear end sticking out just to the right of the bush. I'm on my way to get Lauren
          Right photo_Having arrived in Santa Cruz safely and having gotten the car all loaded up, we are about ready to make our way back home.

June22_2014_Sunday_Muji store & LaurenJune22_2014_Sunday_MujiJune22_2014_Sunday_lunch
Sunday June 22, 2014_Lauren and I went downtown San Jose. Our first stop was the Japanese store, Muji, that she loves especially for paper products. Then we ate lunch at Bijan, a bakery that also serves lunch, before finally arriving at the museum where we thoroughly enjoyed an hour-long tour of currently displayed photography by the head of the San Jose State University Art Department, (are you ready for this) Brian Taylor!!

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Yet another month has gone!
May01_2014_Thursday_April media
Saturday May 1, 2014_April media
Books_The Great Gatsby is a reread because there is so much I can learn from the writing and Salt Sugar Fat was the bookclub recommendation and is about the wicked ways of the US food industry.
DVDs_Your Deceptive Mind is about just that, how fallible our minds are and how, knowing that, we cam compensate.

May14_2014_Wednesday_bookclubMay14_2014_Wednesday_lamp & orange tree
Wednesday May 14, 2014_The bookclub meets in Janelle's backyard. The first photo is obviously the 'before' shot while the second is just something I though looked kind of cool, an indoror lamp of Janelle's brought outdoors and under illuminating her orange tree.

May17, 2014_Saturday_festivalMay17, 2014_Saturday_festival_we be tie-dye
May17, 2014_Saturday_pizza
Saturday May 17, 2014_Campbell Art & Wine Festival_Lauren contemplating the scene before her & tie-dye galore!
Plus, we ate at this pizza place which has terrific pizza, but lousy indoor acquistics so, we prefer to eat outdoors.

May30_2014_Friday_antiquing again
Friday May 30, 2014_Cindy remains dedicated to finding two pieces of furniture, one for her bath, she actually found what she wanted in this store but, alas, it was the ONE cabinet in the whole place that wasn't for sale, and one for her hallway, and because she has very exacting requirements, the hunt continues...and continues, but, seriously, who am I to complain? There are far worse things to be doing on a Friday afternoon than antiquing especially after having spent a lovely morning coffeeing with friends.

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I'm a little late with this, been dealing with headaches...le BIG sigh.
Nonetheless, Heeeere's April!!!

Tuesday April 1, 2014_March reading and one little Great Course's course
The five book covers below represent the books I read on my Kindle at the top of the pile, the rest of the Earthsea Trilogies, the first of which, The Wizard of Earthsea, I read in February. The last three, or second trilogy, were written basically 30 years after the first three. Le Guin talks about how strange it was to discover that, after having grown older herself, so had her characters :)
Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline was the book club book and deals with a period, early 20th Century, of American history where do-gooders rounded up street kids in cities like New York and trained them out to the mid-west where, for the most part, they became little more than slaves, ill-fed, ill-clothed with little understanding how to survive in a environment wholly different from the one they'd grown up in, for farmers and small home industries like hand-sewing clothing. The book is not a true story, more historical fiction.
The Play Goes On by Neil Simon, the second half of his memoirs, the first half of which I read last November, is written just as well, with the same lovely sense of humor and irony, as his Rewrites.
April01_2014_Tuesday_March media

Wednesday April 2, 2014_Our courtyard

Thursday April 3, 2014_This lovely view is across the street from...
...this lovely Santa Cruz house . Some people got it good :)
April03_2014_Thursday_coastal house

Friday April 4, 2014_In completing a mission101 project, to go through and sort this white box of random stuff, I found a few more pages I'd hand-written for Lauren's Journal, pages which gave me a glimpse of our lives from early December of 2002 to late January of 2003. It's why I stop, and so abruptly, that gets me.
April04_2014_Friday_added pages to L's journal

Friday April 11, 2014_Fridays can be difficult getting over the hill, people wanting to get coastal, so Cindy and I left early and arrived with about an hour to kill. We checked out an antique store and then settled in the cutesy little River Cafe, where I had....
April11_2014_Friday_waiting for the kids
...a lavender butter cookie with some very intense Spicy Chai tea
April11_2014_Friday_waiting for the kids_A

Monday April 14, 2014_I had to go downtown to file a permit to remove a pine tree in our backyard so, while there, since the City Hall dome was open, I took a couple of photos from the inside looking up.
This photo from ages ago is from the outside...
...and my two new ones from the inside.
April14_2014_Monday_City Hall dome

April14_2014_Monday_City Hall dome_C

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Saturday March 1, 2014_February reading plus_I read the first book of the Earthsea Six, A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursala Le Guin and enjoyed it quite enough to continue on.
I read Open Veins of Latin America for my bookclub, it was rec-ed by Jimmy, Lauren's friend and Cindy's son, and it was brutal. Bru...tal!! if you want to know more about the exploitation of this part of the world from the 1400s Portuguese to the 1970s Americans, give this book a go.
I also rewatched My Favorite Universe done for the Great Courses people by Neil deGrasse Tyson because I love it so.
Modotti, a biography of the photographer, was an interesting read. She was a consort of Edward Weston who became a well-established photographer in her own right.
March01_2014_Saturday_January books

Thursday March 13, 2014_before I was all agog over getting little tiny still-green red peppers inside my big red peppers, while now it's double yolks in my organic eggs. The ever changing panoply of food.
March13_2014_Thursday_organic eggs

Saturday March 15, 2014_I completed a task that had been bugging me for sometime wherein I had been putting stuff I didn't otherwise know where to put in the background white box. All is now put where it should be!! Of course, a couple of new projects came to light after going through all this which is really kind of cool :)

Friday March 21, 2014_Cindy and I went over the hill to get Lauren and Jimmy and while on the way back, as she drove, I took pictures of Goldie, and the kids, in the backseat. This is my favorite because it is me she's give a kiss to :)

Saturday March 22, 2014_We had our bookclub at our usual restaurant at 9am and when we were leaving I noticed this long branch pretty much just hovering above the ground and thought it lovely so, there you have it.
March22_2014_Saturday_tree branch

Friday March 28, 2014_Niles California_So David says, 'let's go antiquing' so I say, 'How about Niles!?!' so he says, "Cool' so we do. Niles is part of Fremont, the city where Lauren was born, we left it when she was 2. While there, she and I hung out in Niles a lot, many of our antiques come from this little district, but she hadn't been back since so, this was a trip down memory lane for me and a reminder for her. This, an establishment shot, shows the hills and the Niles train station. We drove.

I kept walking into the stores suddenly remembering them so well and even what I'd bought in them so many years ago. Lauren bought action figures of Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher here :)
March28_2014_Friday_Niles storeMarch28_2014_Friday_Niles store_A

A lovely window display with the palms, blue sky, and hills reflected, I really like how the dress becomes a part of the clouds.
March28_2014_Friday_Niles window

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First, as always_February 1, 2014_January reading_mainly consisted of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, for which he won several awards and which I enjoyed tremendously. So fun! Crazy Wisdom is one of my old old books that I had never read, which makes the case for an alternative life-view, it's written by Wes 'Scoop' Nisker, who once was a San Francisco DJ I listened to and liked, which is probably why I bought the book eons ago.

I learned a tremendous amount from Le Guin's Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussions on Story Writing for the Long Navigator or the Mutinous Crew, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. The Great Courses vid, Writing & Civilization, was about the science of the decipherment of ancient languages. Terrific!!
February01_2014_Saturday_January readingA

February 12, 2014_Thursday_David was driving us home from somewhere when I noticed the sky! Taken through the car window while zipping along the highway :)
February13_2014_Thursday_cool sky
February13_2014_Thursday_cool sky_A

February 14, 2014_Friday_Valentines!!! Nom nom :)
February14_2014_Friday_Valentine's Day

February 16, 2014_Sunday_David went away to Boston for a few business-related days so, I spent four hours of Sunday watching Lauren play Kill Zone which weirdly, given I am vaguely pacifistic and entirely non-violent, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play. That's her big ole gun in the lower right-hand corner! The game is David's, but she plays it A LOT better. Interesting :)
February16_2014_Sunday_Kill Zone

February 20, 2014_Thursday_So, when my dad died, I inherited ALL of his and my mom's and my Grandparent's photo albums, which had been somewhat organized over the years by my mom, but unfortunately she used the albums in this photograph, nasty albums that eat your old and precious pictures, bad plastic, sticky pages, so, I took them all apart and am starting over again, using archival quality albums. These are empty and have since been disposed of in the garbage and taken away to the dump.

I first started this project five years ago, taking apart a couple of these albums, but I got frustrated, then bored and so stopped. Now, as I look at the hundreds of photos I have to reorganize, I hope I've haven't bitten off more than I can chew!!
February20_2014_Thursday_mama's old albums

Ending on a pretty note_February 26, Wednesday_I have had some bulbs in a pot on my porch for several years that leaf out but have never before bloomed. This year, they did. Nice!!

Stay creative!!

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At the beginning of each month, I start a folder with that month's nane on it, as in January Printing, in order to collect up my photography from that month, whether for these monthly 365-ish posts or for the 3 to 4 times a month 100_snapshots posts, for printing.

And at the beginning of each month I wonder whether or not I'll have anything in it, anything to post, anything to print when the month ends. Amazingly enough, so far, I have. Life has given me something to take pictures about each and every month!

At the moment, February's remains empty.
Happily, for me anyway, January is not :)

Thursday January 2, 2014_Decbember reading and vidding. Two books and one video series about writing and one book about what it was like to be a rocket ridding, shuttle crew member, Riding Rockets was my rec for my bookclub this last time. Enjoyable each and every one, The Art of Character was especially in-depth with exercises I didn't, but will have to go back to do. Fantasy and Science Fiction has almost every blank page scribbled in with my Notes to Self. both of these are definitely going to be rereads :)
January02_2014_Thursday_December books

Saturday January 4, 2014_We joined the Hadley's at our favorite little Italian place to celebrate mine and Cindy's combined birthdays, hers being on Christmas day and mine being on New Years Eve. This has become a six or seven year tradition which, as traditions go for us, is very nearly forever.
January04_2014_Saturday_Dinner out

Thursday January 16_2014_Downtown_I find it very weird but people here in San Jose can live their lives in the suburbs and never come downtown where there is much to do. My friend, Cindy, is one of those people so, I took her, via lightrail, to Third Thurdsays, at our museum. First though, after learning she had never even been in the cathedral, I took her there. At the museum, several vendors, mostly of jewelry, which Cindy loves and don't really care very much about, were showing their wares in the entryway.
After Cindy checked out everything, we walked through the museum which was having a exhibit called Hidden Heros: The Genius of Everyday Things, two galleries full of lovely displays, two displays from which are below, Bar Codes and Umbrellas :)
January16_2014_Thursday_bar codesJanuary16_2014_Thursday_umbrellas

Friday January 17_2014_For the first time, I got the flue shot because, at least around here, the flue is especially affecting young people and since I, and most everyone I know, have one of those, it seemed best to be cautious. I got mine in the kid's room at the Action Urgent Care walk-in place, which just opened a few months ago across the street in our little mall.
January17_2014_Friday_flue shot

Tuesday January 28_2014_I was beginning to think the sky had forgotten how to rain so, when it sprinkled on nearly the last day of California's normally 'wettest month' of January, I was pleased, we were pleased. It has rained a tiny bit more and really, this amount won't help us one bit, but still, it's good to know the sky hasn't completely forgotten how to do one of its important functions.

We've had something like 2 inches each in San Francisco, Oakland and here in San Jose since last July 1st. The news shows the Central Valley farmers with their dry dry earth, with nothing growing. The Sierra snowpack, where most of our water comes from, is negligible, no skiing, and more importantly, no snow melting into the reservoirs which are exceeding low. So, expect pics of wetness, should we get more rain because without water, the farmers can not grow the food that helps feed this nation and that's not good for any of us.

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Sunday December 1, 2013_November books PLUS...
Dec01_2013_November books
...A Radio Play: It's A Wonderful Life at UC Santa Cruz_this play was a delight and I'd totally recommend it if it ever comes to your area. A cigarette girl, there were 3 and they did all the sound effects, the poster, the interior set before the play began with band.
December01_2013_Sunday_A Radio Play_It's a Wonderful Life_cigarette girlDecember01_2013_Sunday_A Radio Play_It's a Wonderful Life_poster

December01_2013_Sunday_A Radio Play_It's a Wonderful Life_stage

Monday December 2, 2013_Lauren and Jimmy, after dinner in Campbell, posing for me.
December02__2013_Monday_Lauren's birthday

Sunday December 15, 2013_Lauren and I donate blood.
December15_2013_Sunday_Blood giving_A

Wednesday December 18, 2013_Ooops, David's car being towed to the dealership.
December18_2013_Wednesday_Up Up and Away

Thursday December 19, 2013_Lauren and I attended The Snow Queen @ San Jose Rep, which was terrific, really really terrific, a steampunky reinterpretation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic.
December19_2013_Thursday_The Snow Queen @ The RepDecember19_2013_Thursday_The Snow Queen @ The Rep_the poster

Saturday December 21, 2013_Lauren and Jimmy made cookies!!!! Nom Nom :)
December21_2013_Saturday_Laure&Jimmy made cookies

Sunday December 22, 2013_Our courtyard fence finally decorated.
December22_2013_Sunday_front fence

Sunday December 29, 2013_The Desolation of Smaug_YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

Tuesday December 31, 2013_Coffee at Cindy's with the girls, Susan, Barbara, Cindy & Liz. Oh, and Goldie too!!
December31_2013_Tuesday_the girls

A very busy and very good month :)

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Friday November 1, 2013_October reading & vidding
I, for whatever reason, had the Neil Simon memoir just laying around so, I decided to read it and was impressed enough with his story to buy the second half which was written much later.
I very much enjoyed the part how-to-write/ part memoir of Stephen King. He tells a good story and the practical sections had useful information.
The Girls Who Went Away was my bookclub book which deals with a period in time, the 1940s through the early 70s, when young pregnant girls were given very little or, more likely, no choice about keeping their baby and the almost universally devastating impact of that very personal decision on the many women interviewed for the book. It was recommended by a woman in our group who was adopted, but who has since come to know her birth mother.
Both the vids were short, 6-30 minutes eppies, one on healthy cooking and one on possible alternative reads to the classics that we know we should read but somehow never get around to like War & Peace.
November01_2013_Friday_October reading & vidding

Tuesday November 7, 2013_Drop-off voting at our local library_I handed in mine, Lauren's and David's ballots since we find it absolutely impossible to get them mailed in on time.
November07_2013_Tuesday_dropoff voting at the library

Saturday November 16, 2013_Cindy and I went to the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds, which is beautifully tucked up against the hills in Watsonville, for the Goat Hill Antique Show. Oh YAY!! First, the masses :) then a pretty display. Actually, each and every one of the different venders did a very nice job with their showcases. Everywhere you looked, it was beautiful.
And another pretty display. I loved the golden frames against the industrial-esque walls.
This gentleman, the owner along with his wife, does all the display work. He's wrapping my purchase :)

Sunday November, 17, 2013_This is Lauren's photograph of the Del Mar Theater, the Mar does light up just one letter at a time, where she and Jimmy having been spending their Sundays for the last month viewing filmed versions of plays ,both old and new, that have been put on by The National Theater in London. This particular Sunday they saw Habit of Art, the next they saw Macbeth. The presentations are complete for this year, but will, happily, begin again in 2014.
Monday November 18, 2013_Back to Acqui's for lunch with Barbara. I though I'd include a photo of it's outdoor dining area which is generally filled, but since it had rained, the seating was damp so, everyone was dinning indoors.
November17_2013_Sunday_Lauren'sNovember18_2013_Monday_Acqui with Barbara

Saturday November 23, 2013_Cindy decided to shop for a new Christmas tree since Jimmy, along with Lauren, was home to advise her. Their family, like ours, uses a fake tree because, like me, Cindy is very allergic to natural trees. After years of suffering through a month of headaches trying to keep the real-tree tradition alive, I gave it up over a decade ago while they did about 5 years ago. These are a couple of photos of the inside of one store we visited, upstairs and down.
November23_2013_Saturday_tree store
November23_2013_Saturday_tree store_A

Sunday November 24, 2013_The day after the Christmas Tree stores, we took the kids back to Santa Cruz so they wouldn't miss their Macbeth.
Thursday November 29, 2013_Dinner at the Hadley's once again, it's like a real tradition!! Jimmy and Lauren made pie, Jimmy made rolls, David and Lauren made the stuffing, Lauren and I made apple latkes (because of the holiday cross-over of Hanukkah & Thanksgiving) and Cindy made pretty much everything else except the gravy which I think we all had a hand in making. Lovely, lovely time :)
Thanks for stopping by

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Tuesday October 1, 2013_September books I read & vids we watched. Lauren had a couple Sedaris books I had not yet read so, I did, enjoying them both as much as she did. She also asked me to read the Cameron book, a Young Reader book, and I enjoyed it also very much. Neuromancer, considered one of best hardcore science fiction books, was a difficult read, but I persevered and, as with so many things, it was well worth the effort.
The 2 Great Courses vids, Theories of Human Development and How Conversation Works, Lauren and I enjoyed them and will undoubtedly watch them again.
October01_2013_Tuesday_September reads

Friday October 4, 2013_Santa Cruz antique store_Cindy and I went to get the kids to bring them home for the weekend and, on the way out of Santa Cruz, we stopped off at a couple of antique stores, this one specializing in Asian items, from huge furniture pieces to tiny netsuke.
October04_2013_Friday_cool antique store

October04_2013_Friday_cool antique store_2

Saturday October 6, 2013_Sign_I was somewhere with Lauren when I saw this sign which I think looks really cool, found art of a sort.

Monday October 14, 2013_My walkway

Monday October 28, 2013_Antiquing again_This time Cindy's looking for a lamp so, we hit antique row here in San Jose, a small section of West San Carlos. One of the things I love most about antique stores is the odd juxtapositioning of items, especially during the holidays. We were almost done when I thought to take a few photographs.
A jaunty skeleton and a fair maiden.
October28_2013_Monday_Antiquing October28_2013_Monday_AntiquingA
It was the little rabbit that caught my eye. I couldn't help but wonder where his partner was w2ho, I have to imagine, was black :)

I may have to go back for that wee white deer to add to my little collection of Christmas candles :) Layers on layers on layers!!!
October28_2013_Monday_AntiquingD October28_2013_Monday_AntiquingE



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