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Tuesday September 1, 2015_Not much reading for August, my bookclub book, The Secret Keeper, a mystery that I enjoyed even though I'm not much inclined toward mysteries and The Folding Star which I also liked very much.

Monday September 7, 2015_This is Baby, a long-hair chihuahua that, along with two short-hair chihuahuas, Lauren dog sits with. I may have mentioned them before but I rather like this photo of Baby, who has unfortunately recently gone deaf. Still, the sweetest dog who defends his home from any and all four legged cretures who dare to show themselves on TV by bark...bark...barking!

Wednesday September 9, 2015_These two english collies, Anna on the left and Gracie on the right, I mainly take care of which entails feeding and walking them when mom's away, but no overnights. They are well-behaved and I get the best compliments from people walking or jogging by to which I always just say 'Yes, they are lovely, aren't they?'

Thursday September 24, 2015_On our way to the show Covert Operations at the San Jose Museum of Art, Lauren and I passed by the Adobe Building so I took the photo on the left. I like how you can just see the stain glass on the inside.

We went on a Thursday because that's the day the museum offers Gallery-Talks, in this case given by the curator of the show, the woman  to the right of the woman talking. Short haired Lauren is in blue to my left. A decent sized crownd attended the talk which always makes these events more lively.

As the name implies, the show contains artworks in various mediums but with a heavy use of video and film, done by an international group of artists, American, German, Egyptian and so on, depicting various forms of covert operations. I'll only mention two.
          The wall on the right has silk-screened on it the names of American Covert Military Operations that the artist found just by searching military job sites. The wall covers somehting like 'G' through 'P'.
          The bell on the left is connected to a small wall-mounted computer that accesses a particular website, inside Iraq but outside the government, that daily collects the stats of civilian dead in that country and, starting at the top of the hour, the bell begins to toll once for each dead that day. While we were there it tolled for 15 minutes, BONG pause pause pause BONG pause pause paause BONG and so on. Apparently, that's pretty good because some days, the curator told us, the tolling doesn't stop, that the number of civilian dead in Iraq exceeds the hour and the bell just keeps on going.

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Saturday August 1, 2015_July reading_Saturday August 1, 2015_July reading_Begger’s Ride is the third in the Beggers trilogy which I started last month. This is a reread and totally worth the time. The bottom book, Offbeat, represents my time, a few years ago, when I was all about the Kerouac and Ginsberg et al. and when I bought the book. Still, very much worth the read especially since we supplemented it by watching Daniel Radcliffe’s portrayal of Ginsberg’ in Kill My Darlings, at the same time. My Kindle represents the book Mr Penumber’s 24-Hour Bookstore which, especially since it takes place in San Francisco and New York, I loved. A mystery!!!

Sunday August 30, 2015_40th Annual SV Pride Parade_Earlier in the day, which was sunny, breezy, and perfect, the mayor, Mr Lucardo, and several councilmembers, welcomed the crowd. This shot is of a Santana cover band playing Oye como va most excellently.

San Jose Fire Fighters Local 230's very cool Sharks fire truck, in honor of our ice hockey team, the Sharks, was happily admired but never used.

Eventually I got bored, we were there all day because Lauren got a little job working security for Stage Two so, I went a'wandering for a bit around downtown, a building reflecting itself and a sculpture swooping.

Monday August 31, 2015_West Valley College_Administrative Justice building with Tardis_Lauren is considering Intelligence Analysis as a possible career choice, her BS in Psychology would actually be useful, and so, to that end, she is taking, because it's close and because they actually have a few classes that are relevant, two classes, Intro to Administrative Justice and Criminal Investigation at West Valley. Because I have nothing better to do, I'm taking Survey of 20th Century Art which meets at the same time as her Criminal class. Should be freakin' fun!!!

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A mixed bag this month and a wee bit late :)

Month of July_Lauren has been doing some dog-sitting for friends. On the left are Ozzie and Batman, dachshunds from Los Gatos and on the right is Finn, a lovely mutt from San Jose.

Wednesday July 1, 2015_June reading_I reread the first two books of the Beggars trilogy, Beggars In Spain and Beggars And Choosers, and enjoyed them even more than the first time around. I also read the Essentials of Philosophy, a book that had been lying around for far too many years waiting for me to read it and which I enjoyed quite a lot. And lastly, I read The Girl on the Train for my bookclub. While the writing is lovely, I wasn't sure if I was enjoying the storyline until the end when the plot resolved itself in a way I finally did enjoy. Also, one of the characters gets black-out drunk while you're in their POV and I hated that feeling of claustrophobia, disorientation and vulnerability. Good writing :)

Thursday July 2, 2015_A pretty morning sky!

Saturday July 4, 2015_The gathering crowd from our location at Lake Almaden a couple of hours before the fireworks were to begin. It was much more crowded by then.

At which point, we realized that the comfy tree I had been leaning on was in the way. Oh well :)

Sunday July 5, 2015_A demonstration of how much water before was just now running down the kitchen sink drain but that is now being captured to be used to water my outdoors potted plants. Desperate times require measures that really aren't all that desperate

Monday July 27, 2015_The out-back patio of Acqui where I met my friend, Barbara, for a delightful lunch. Within ten minutes, the entire patio, much of which can't be seen, was full of happy diners.

All done!
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This was almost one of those months where I had little in the way of photographs, my camera becoming more back burner than front. This must change!!

Thursday May 1, 2015_Media_Finished up my rewatch of QAF_Kingdom Keepers was the bookclub book which I liked better than I thought I would_The Deep Beyond, whiich is two unrelated books by the same author, CJ Cherryh, Cuckoo's Egg & Serpant's Reach, was recommended by [ profile] fansee, both of which I really enjoyed. Above that one, which is difficult to read, is Mars and Mind of Man, (1973) a collection of reflections, by people such as Authur C. Clark, Carl Sagan and Ray Bradbuury, on the eve of the Mariner 9 probe to Mars and again once the mission was completed. A wonderful read! Lauren had wanted me to read The Chocolate Wars ages ago and now I have, this book does not end in happiness and ligh, but is well-told storyt. Very good especially for the age group. Also a Lauren rec, Freud: A Short Introduction is just that and is very well researched and written.

Saturday May 16, 2015_Campbell Arts & Wine Festival_Lauren was home for the weekend so, we went to Campbell for the pizza but stayed for the festival. Much fun was had by all :) The photo below is a Campbell lamp store that I always want to take a photo of but never do. Now I have : ) Such pretty lamps!

Sunday May 31, 2015_My friend, Barbara's son, Ricky's graduation barbeque. He majored at San Jose State Uni in Aerospace Engineering and is now interning at NASA. Barbara to the right, Ricky is bowing

People being happy for Ricky. From left to right, Ricky's brother Christoper, Susan, a coffee buddy like Barbara, Susan's son, Andrew, and Elizabeth's husband, Todd.

Even more people being happy, but mainly Ricky's great aunt who I only know as Nona and who is a spunky 93.

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Wednesday April 1, 2015_March media_I finished the rest of the Ender books, sucking them down quickly. Complex and amazing story despite my major problems with their author. Happily rewatched the third season of QAF.which ends ever so wonderfully. And watched another Great Courses lecture series, Myth, Half-Truths of Language Usage, done by the same professor, John McWhorter from Columbia University, as two other language courses I've watched throught them. Very informative and entertaining.
          Friday April 10, 2015_After coffee with Cindy and Elizabeth, we all went to Westfield Vaalley Fair so Cindy could find a dress for a bridal shower tea she was attending. In the middle of the mall was a swarm of people all in pink who were whooping and hollering it up :) I took the shot at this odd angle because I wanted to include the Swarovski tower of crystals and the huge screen above the pink kiosk around which all these fine folk coalesed.

Thursday April 23, 2015_In February I bought myself a new camera, a Canon SX700HS, and promptly forgot about it mainly since my other camera still, if barely, works. This month I decided that this just wasn't an exceptable situation so, I downloaded their manual, all 198 actual in English pages of it, and spent three days learning its capabilities. I took so many shots of my keyboard and livingroom testing different features. I decided to use this one, with the manual on the screen, to note my accomplishment because I think it's so pretty.

Tuesday April 28, 2015_For no particular reason on my part, I journeyed with Cindy to Lowes, a fairly new Lowes, which is large and bright and so, since I got bored, I took photos!! Notice how in the first one, you can't really see where the isle ends. It just seems to go on forever and ever. Because it does.The second underscores how summer is here :)

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February01_2015_Sunday_January media
Sunday February 1, 2015_January media_I've decided to rewatch QAF straight through from the beginning, something I've never done. An escapist move? Perhaps, but still, a lot of fun.
          I've also decided to reread the whole Ender's Game-verse, both the Ender quintet and the Shadow however many. It's a case of love the art if not the artist. I started, at Lauren's reccomendation with First Meetings, four short stories that are like longish gap-fillers.
February23_2015_Monday_garage guyFebruary23_2015_Monday_circuit board
Monday February 23, 2015_Our garage door went bad so, we called Arrow and the lovely owner came out and made everything alright. This circuit board turned out to be the culprit and was replaced.
February22_2015_Sunday_BeforeFebruary25_2015_Wednesday_the pile
Tuesday February 24, 2015_This mess, on the left, is but one small part of our parking strip and from which I was able to remove the pile of yard waste on the right. The city picks up such waste, mulching it, and using that for the parks and such around here. The pile in the background is mine as well :)
Thursday February 26, 2015_Prettier! At least for now.

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Quiet month, short post. It's all good.

January01_2015_Thursday_new years
Thursday January 1, 2015_Every year I try and take a semi-decent photo of the Times Square celebration off the TV to use as my kick-off of the new year photos. This year is no exception.
January01_2015_Thursday_January readingJanuary01_2015_January reading_11-22-63
Friday January 2, 2015_December media_The Great Courses classic, Building Better Sentences for like the third time, Bertrand Russell's view on his atheism which, as this book's essays written over his lifetime attest  do drift and change over time.
For my bookclub, we read Stephen's King's 11/22/63 about a time-traveler who goes back into the past to prevent the assassination of John Kennedy. The book, for me, was marvekous, simply written with a intriguing and fairly complex plot. I'd never read King before, other than his writing book, and now I want to.
January-2_2015_Friday_yogurt in Willow Glen
Also, Friday Janaury 2, 2015_Lauren and I went to our favorite yogurt place in Willow Glen, after first visiting our favorite antique store right down the street, Yogurt Cove where we had yummmms, mine on the left, Lauren's on the right.
If you visit the link I provided, when you see the photo of the table right next to the window, that's where we always sit. Right next to the window so we can watch the world go by.
January17_2015_Saturday_christmas fox from Lauren
Saturday January 17, 2015_When Lauren was home at Christmas, because she had just come off the thrill of finals, she hadn't done, and wasn't much in the mood to do, any shopping. So, after Christmas, she went online and ordered a couple of beautiful things for me, this silver fox ornament being a favorite and which arrived just in time for her next weekend visit home.
January25_2015_Sunday_completed 2014 Christmas annotation
Sunday January 25, 2015_I'm making Lauren a little book of all our Christmas ornaments so, when the time comes, she can choose which to keep and which not to keep with some knowledge as to their worth. To me anyway. I had taken a bunch of photos, had put them into an album, but hadn't annotated them. One of my mission101 projects is now complete. For this year anyhow :)

Done is done until it isn't anymore :)
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December01_2014_Monday_November readingDecember01_2014_Howard's End by e m forsterDecember01_2014_selfish and perverse by bob smith
Monday December 1, 2014_Media_Great Courses's DVD The Art of Storytelling is about just that, how to make any story worth telling more interesting to the listener whether they be co-workers or a paid audience. In learning about how to tell a story well, I also learned a little more about what makes a good story in the first place.
I read a lot in November including science fiction: Childhood's End by Authur C. Clark, a classic_autobiograohy: American On Purpose by Craig Ferguson which is  honestly and humerously told_Art: Keys to Drawing and the Sketching and Drawing Bible both of which reminded me that no matter how much you think you know, there's still more to learn_Novels: Howard's End by E M Forester and Dandoline Wine by Ray Bradbury, two very different stories of times past. I had read Dandoline Wine as a kid and had often thought to reread it. Now I have and it has beautifully withstood the test of time.
December13_2014_Saturday_wrapping stationDecember15_2014_Monday_my view
Saturday December 13, 2014_A friend had turned me on to a site called 101 Days to Christmas, with a name like that, how could I resist, and one day's advice was to set up a wrapping center. This would be our version of that :)
          Monday Decemver 15, 2014_My view from the sofa in the evenings. Not shown: The TV which is, not unreasonably, to the left of the tree, David who is, also not unreasonably, to the left of me on the sofa, and my laptop which is, again not unreasonably, on my lap.
Saturday December 19, 2014_Prezzies for my ladies ready to go, I'd purchased antique ornaments sticking within the $8 MAX price limit. And delivered to, from left to right, Susan, Elizabeth, Cindy, and Barbara.
December22_2014_Monday_foggy morningDecember26_2014_Friday_making dinner
Monday December 22, 2014_A foggy morning while getting the newspaper.
       Friday December 26, 2014_David and Lauren make our dinner_baked pork chops, roasted sweet potato medallions, and fried plaintins.

Saturday December 27, 2014_Below are photos of Lauren and my trip downtown San Jose.
First, we went to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles for an Amish exhibition. The close up is NOT Amish.
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt MuseumDecember27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_Egyptian
Then, we lunched at Bijan Bakery, before heading over to the San Jose Museum of Art, stopping briefly at the still-in-operation ice skating rink in the museum's plaza.
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt lunchDecember27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum skating rink
We saw three exhibitions_Momentum, Post-Portraits, Robert Henri_with two examples of paintings plus a wedding drive-by below.
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_ADecember27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_B
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_wedding

A busy and happy month!!!
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November01_2014_October mediaNovember01_2014_October reading_Androidsandroida
Saturday November 1, 2014_October reading et al_Chicago, a giveaway book from when I worked at Barnes & Noble, I honestly didn't care for. The House in Good Taste, written early in the 1900's by the woman, Elise de Wolfe, considered the first American woman interior designer, was weirdly fun in how it described the way to set-up a home for an era I couldn't even begin to relate to. The Daily Book of Art is just that, snippets that are to be read daily dealing with different aspects of art, and so is a book that will probably be included in every media photo until next October :) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick is one of those science fiction classics everyone, if you're into that genre, is supposed to read and I now know why as it was excellent.
The DVD course The Story of Human Language added greatly to my fascination with the whys of how language came about world-wide.
November02_2014_Sundayiday_sur la tableNovember02_2014_Sundayriday_sur la table_dish towels
Sunday November 2, 2014_The interior of Sur la Table in Los Gatos and what I got there, four new kitchen towels!! The second one looks uneven but that's just the photograph, it has a weave like cordaroy :)
Tuesday November 4, 2014_Dropping of our ballots at our local library!
November08_2014_Saturday_Mrs. Lescroart
Saturday November 8, 2014_While at The Country Inn for our bookclub, we ran into one of Lauren and Jimmy's favorite teachers, Mrs. Lescroart from 6th grade so, Cindy took my photo with her, that's me on the left, so I could sent it to Lauren. I did the same, naturally, for Cindy :)
November10_2014_Monday_doors puzzleNovember22_2014_Saturday_new chair
Monday November 10, 2014_Lauren came home for the weekend and while she was here we started and completed yet another puzzle. Such fun!! All the doorways are in New York.
               Saturday November 22, 2014_They were having a sale at Russell's so, David and I got us a new chair that fits our smallish space much better than did the recliner that occupied this space previously.
November28_2014_Friday_Our Thanksgiving
Thursday November 27, 2014_Our Thanksfgiving table. Pretty!! I forgot to take a photo when the table was laden with food and surrounded by people. We had a lovely time.

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With this entry I'm inititing my NEW! and hopefully IMPROVED!! idea of adding two Prompts photograohs AND one Affects photograph to the monthly mix and still trying to keep it to ten or less photos
Firstly_the This is Our Life photographs.
October01_2014_September reading
Wednesday October 1, 2014_September reading which consisted entirely of The Dragonback series by Timothy Zahn, which I've wanted to read ever since one night long ago, maybe 2010, when Lauren pretty much ran down for me the entire first book. The books are set in a far future and are about a young boy, Jack and the alien being he saves, Draycos, a K'da Warrior, who looks amazing like dragons from earth legends of old, and how together they help save Draycos's people from genecide.
          The cool thing and what really stuck with me is that Draycos and his people have a symbiotic relationship with a humanoid race so that the 'dragons' must live on the humanaoids bodies, as if almost body-sized tattoos, for several hours a day. Even though Jack isn't of that race, he and Draycos form the same bonding taking it even one step further by becoming telepathic.
October03_2014_Wednesday_Lecture on Robert HenriOctober06_2014_Monday_HalloweenA
Wednesday October 3, 2014_I took Cindy, in pink, to a luncheon lecture titled: Robert Henri's California Potraits: Realism, Race, and Region - 1914 -25, at our downtown Museum of Art. We had a terrific time and I hope to do this again soon.
               Friday October 31, 2014_A little portion of some of my favorite Halloween stuff, especially Lauren's little-girl artwork, and especially the vampire-y creature on the right.
Secondly_Two Prompt Words Photographs
Left and from Alex_Cozy_This is where youll find me most every evening beginning from about 10pm until lights out, curled up in my corner of the bed, with my reading material, be it book or kindle or magazine, with my chocolate, with my wine, and with my music, here represented by my iPod, whicvh would otherwise be plugged into its speakers on the other side of the room, all close at hand. The little drawing of the two dogs above and left was done by my father when he was very young.
        Right and from Lauren_Greasy, which is self-explanitory.
cozy_Alex greasy_Lauren
Third and finally_One Affects Photograph
Hopefully, you can tell that left is the original and right is the after which, while it may not look it, has at least five layers of added affects.flowers_experimental
Done is done!!



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