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Taken from TEDtalks:
'We're all going to die — and poems can help us live with that." In a charming and funny talk, literary critic Stephen Burt takes us on a lyrical journey with some of his favorite poets, all the way down to a line break and back up to the human urge to imagine.'

From me:
He talks with passion about his obsession with words and why he became a poetry critic, analyzing four short poems, reminding us why poetry matters.

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by Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist

There are the rushing waves
mountains of molecules
each stupidly minding its own business
trillions apart
yet forming white surf in unison.

Ages on ages
before any eyes could see
year after year
thunderously pounding the shore as now.
For whom, for what?
On a dead planet
with no life to entertain.

Never at rest
tortured by energy
wasted prodigiously by the sun
poured into space.
A mite makes the sea roar.

Deep in the sea
all molecules repeat
the patterns of one another
till complex new ones are formed.
They make others like themselves
and a new dance starts.

Growing in size and complexity
living things
masses of atoms
DNA, protein
dancing a pattern ever more intricate.

Out of the cradle
onto dry land
here it is
atoms with consciousness;
matter with curiosity.

Stands at the sea,
wonders at wondering: I
a universe of atoms
an atom in the universe.


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'Obamas Host Poetry Jam

Even on weeknights, the White House is a party house. The Obamas hosted a star-studded poetry jam Tuesday night that President Obama said was meant to “celebrate the power of words.” Michelle, meanwhile, told guests to “enjoy, have fun, and be loose.” Several writers of various backgrounds performed, including James Earl Jones and Mayda del Valle. Director Spike Lee, ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, and even veep Joe Biden were spotted in the crowd, enjoying music from bassist Eric Lewis and singer Esperanza Spalding. “Our goal really is to bring the house alive,’’ White House social secretary Desiree Rogers said. Since Inauguration Day, the Obamas have hosted Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and Paul Muldoon, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet from Ireland.'

For the New York Times Caucus report with pictures , please see here.

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I do realize Poetry Month is over. Still...

...on my [ profile] mission101 list
one of my projects under Reading is:

9. Collect 100 favorite poems
11. Make into a book
An idea I snagged from [ profile] emptyed 's [ profile] mission101 list

to which I added
10. Marry each poem with artwork and photos

I have it in my mind that I would like to finish this project before I die so...
I can either cut the list back to say...50 poems OR
and even better I have to believe,
I can broaden the definition of favorite
to include not only mine but the favorites of Others.

Which - surprise surprise - is where you come in.

If you would like to add to my potential book,
which will ultimately be given to my now fifteen year old daughter, Lauren, then

it's easy so go ahead and clickity-click )

Thanks in advance...if you play. And if you don't, that cool.
There's always next time.


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