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The music is absolutely perfect, giving me chills in some places, getting me misty-eyed in others. Beautiful.

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you know that scene with Brian and Debbie having their deeply profound discussion whilst getting stoned, seriously, could Brian/ Gale BE more beautiful? The lighting, the close-ups, his softness just everything makes this few minutes of celluloid a visual delight. Even Debbie looks really good. And their interaction, awesome.

Gotta go, Brian just trashed the lock on the back-room's door. My favorite blue-lighted kiss
is about  to happen, the three seconds of celluloid that always leaves me wondering what was left behind on the cutting-room floor.
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These were my 14 year old, Lauren's exact words to me
as I drove her to school yesterday...Monday morning around 7:30am.
I naturally said 'Seriously? You find this out on YouTube?'
She gave me her to-perfection 'freakin' duh' look and
proceeded to tell me all about it
while I was thinking how amazing it was that she'd spent
her Very prescious half-hour between when Desperate Housewives
 -- the first eppie we've remembered to watch --
ended at 10:00pm and
her bedtime at 10:30pm searching YouTube for Gale bits cute is that?

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I don't get much -- read as any -- time online during the weekend so I'm adding my two-cents to the Emmett / love now.

Since, actually, it's all been said already so well
I'll just mention something my husband said during S4.
David turns to me and says, "Emmett, he's a favorite."
What could I say but, "yeah, you're right, he really is."

Again, not much to add,
amazing picspam pretty much summed it up but I'll add a couple


Three out of four show Emmett with his "family" because I think they're what mattered most to him.

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...the [profile] qaficon_awards are still in progress, until July 14th, with Cynthia as the Boys of Babylon 13th icon.

You can find my nominations here -- and yes, it is the same link as above so...whatever -- along with the posts of all the other very together and organized people who have already nominated for this round.

All the rules, like only three nominations per round per icon-maker plus a form with the categories, can be found here. They even provide the code and all you have to do is provide the url or, as in my case, upload from the ACDSee file where I keep each rounds nominations.

And when pimping the comm, you can even use their lovely banner...

...which adds some obvious class to an otherwise fairly normal post.

Honestly, this is really only my third time doing this because, since I am probably doing it the hardest way possible, it takes time but each time I do nominate it becomes easier and I like the idea that I am, in some small way, thanking all the wonderful people out there who help to make all our journals so much prettier.

Have any questions? feel free to ask the maintainers [profile] badbadpixie-- [profile] callie89-- or [profile] nanoa.

And, if desperate, you can always talk to me. Thanks and now...go play.
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...after reading the excellent review, plus more, by [profile] pepino21786  of Glass Menagerie, when, during the Q&A, Randy says he's reading Hart Crane, I have to go out and buy Crane's complete works (#6 down the linked page)

AND I have to order the very same bio Randy says he's reading, Broken Tower

AND, at the very end of review (after pepino's pics) where pepino's friend snagged some info from a local magazine, when Randy answers a question about what's on his iPod, I have to go running to the iTune Store and download two of them, Brian Eno and Lou Reed...geez.

It's also kind of pathetic that it took me half an hour to compose this post, with two edits and counting, but at least I was able to do it...something I would not've even considered doing just two short months ago.
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So I sort of nicked this idea up from[personal profile] xie_xie_xiewho posted something similar about how QAF made a difference to her, how it changed her world. I’ve been meaning to post something along those lines anyway and she’s inspired me to do so.


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