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the song is '70 Million', the band is Hold Your Horses and the vid includes reenacted works by artists from Velasquez to Warhol, from Klimt to Magritte, from David to Van Gogh. Very cool.

How many can you name?
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While I'm pretty sure anyone on my flist who cares already knows this

Today's Pick by
The Very Short List
new DVD Set.

availavle at

for the amazingly low price of just
$54.99 plus free shipping

I've never watched but it seems to be a favorite among many on my flist and so
kind of cool tie-in to me

If you are interested in what the fine fine people at VSL have to say about it,
all glowing and such
here's their little
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Very Short List
--so beautiful--

Paul Simon duet with George Harrison on a 1976 episode of Saturday Night Live
If I could put this behind an lj-cut I would but I can't figure it out,
hence the annoyed mood-icon,
but at least I did embed my first video so...yay for me!!!
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I subscribe to a daily, Monday through Friday,
media email called
A Very Short List (VSL)

which recommends one media per day they find interesting,
could be a movie, a vid, a CD, a book...whatever, just not main-stream.
I subscribed, honestly, because Simon Dumenco edits it
but I continue with it because I love their recommendations and
they always provide links to buy...mostly amazon, or rent...always netflix.
Sometimes all you're supposed to do is watch,
like today's which is  a commercial with a throw-back to
an older VSL email regarding a second commercial both done by Sony.
These are real, not done with computer graphics, all European produced.and
I love that the first one is San Francisco, the second is Glasgow.
Below the second commercial is a run-down on how it was filmed and cleaned-up.

Sony Bravia TV commercial One

 Sony Bravia TV commercial Two

So cool.


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