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I start with a quote about photography!!
"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
          ― Ansel Adams

Saturday February 13, 2016_We, we being David, Lauren, and I, went to the San Jose Museum of Art's Lunar New Year's celebration_Walking in the door looking up.

AND then being up looking down at the door through the three Chihuly sculptures.

At a plaza nearby, there were dragon dancers with musicians. Happily,quite a sizable crowd gathered to watch.

When I looked down, I found a winking dragon.

When I looked out, I found the musicians.

We ended a lovely day at The Spaghetti Factory. It seems like we always end at The Spaghetti Factory. There are, in fact, many many other restaurants in downtown but you'd hardly know by our, or should I say, David's, choices.

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Friday January 1, 2016_This is my birthday present from David because he knows how much I adore the painter, Jsper Johns who is, as we speak, approaching 86 amazing years old. David snagged the photos, of him at various ages, from google then sized and framed them and now it hangs in our hallway making me happy every day when I pass it by :) The photo in the upper right is one of my favorites of him, on the right, with the painter, Robert Rauschenberg while they lived in New York, in lower Manhattan, in a condemned warehouse on Pearl Street I think, in adjacent studios, in 1955.

Something a little different this time because, I have no 'real' photographs, a very quiet month :)
Can be clicked for large.

Monday January 25, 2016_I'm posting photos of a drawing I'm in the middle of. I had the tree drawn out so, this is the first day, DAY 1 of beyond the initial sketch. Each day represents maybe 2 to 4 hours of drawing. Wouldn't think so by looking at them but yeah, takes a little time.

Wednesday January 27, 2016_DAY 2_I went UP!

Friday January 29, 2016_DAY 3_I went west!

Sunday January 31, 2016_DAY 4_I went north and west. Confussing.

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Saturday December 5, 2015_Again this year, Susan held her annual Christmas party at her house. And again, there was an exchange of prezzies, much good conversation and lovely food!!!! May it ever be the same :)

Thursday December 17, 2015_I was scanning through photos looking for a particular one, that I never did find actually, bit I did find the one on the left dated February 2011 and realized how different it would look now if I were, which I did, take a photo of the same drawer. I have made it, over the course of four years, half-way through books mainly bought on a whim.

Monday December 21, 2015_On the left a friend's presimmon tree that I think looks cool with fat fruit and no leaves. On the right is a Christmas gift, the darling character from the Little Prince book that Lauren got for me.

Saturday December 26, 2015_Lauren and Jimmy spent two half-days making their gingerbread houses, Lauren's on the left and Jimmy's on the right.

And 2015 is done.
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And so begins my sixth year of doing this photography thang. Oh my! For this go-around, I've dropped the '365' since I'm only doing approximately 100 photos per anum. Seems enough for the fairly simply life we lead here in the suburbs. Now if I were in a city, well, the mind boggles. It really does.

As always, I start with media.

Thursday October 1, 2015_September reading_I read little obviously, although I finally finished The Daily Book of Art, a small tome put together by ten authors covering ten topics including Art 101, Philosphy of Art, Art through the Ages, Profiles in Art, A Picture's Worth 1000 200 Words, Art From the Inside Out, Art Around the World, Unexpected Art Forms, Artistic Oddities, and finally, Step-byStep Exercises (not a one of which I did). I enjoyed this, looking forward to reading a new page each morning, The second book, The Aspirin Age, is 22 essays, written in 1949 about American going-ons between 1919 and 1941 and mostly, but not always, by journalists. Titles include The Timely Death of President Harding, Huey Long: American Dictator, and The Night the Martains Came.Anyone wanting, in a very entertaining way, to learn more about the American psyche should give this book a look.

Saturday October 10, 2015_While I over-night dog-sat these four critters, from left Zeke, Autumn, Tehon, and Lady Bean Sprouts, most commonly called Bean, the loveliest dogs imaginable, Lauren was, coincidentally, sitting Ozzie and Batman right next door!!! We did dinner :)

Sunday October 18, 2015_For a paper I had to write for my 20th Century Art Class, I needed to visit a museum. I chose the Cantor, associated with the Stanford campus, where I chose one painting, Jasper Johns's Land's End, to write about. How I did I don't know as we don't get grades until the end of the semester, mid-December.



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