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I haven't posted any 'just photos' since like March or something so, since I have a couple floating around cluttering up the space on my deaktop, I think I will. And in no particular order. Well, alright, some order is involved.

We ventured forth into downtown San Jose one evening to see The Book of Mormon and while on our way to the theater, we passed by what I think is a lovely view of the Guadalupe River Parkway which is three miles of winding river and parklands running through our fair city. Biking, running, walking all that healthy stuff is done within it. Before the parkway, when it was just a river, it would flood, especially in the downtown area, frequently. No more. The parkway not only makes the environs around the river more beautiful and useful, but more safe as well.

My take on the eclipse, little dancing half-mmons on the ground. Me included!!

These candles represent the Great Balckout of August 2017 which lasted a nerve-wracking 10 HOURS, from 6pm to 4am. How we made it through I'll never know. And honestly, if it hadn't been for my fully-charged Kindle this night could have ended very differently.
              Saturday's temp, indoors, outdoors, a day I, personally, zombie-ed through with only the vaguest of recollections remaining. Weird how that can happen.

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Two weekends ago, Saturday the 14th to be exact and prior to the Women's March, Aaron and I joined several hundred others at an Immigrtion Advocates Rally at San Jose City Hall and March to Cesar Chavez Park. 1 & 2_Gathering at City Hall; 3_A particularly adorable demonstrator; 4_Marching; 5_Speaking is San Jose's US Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

We had such a wonderful time! The rally, while mainly focused on immigration, was also solidly behind the idea of unity as many minorty issues were addressed. Aaron, at first was a little unsure just what was being accomplished, after all this is only his second rally.  But the speakers brought that home for him, made their message clear. Solidarity. Unity. Resistance. That what makes this country great is that we
are a nation of immigrants each of which adds its own unique color to our national tapestry. And that everyone deserves a chance. One San Jose Councilmember told the story of how he here undocumented as a very samll child. Now he's in government having become a citizen three years ago. That's the way!!!

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Just like we always spend Thanksgiving Day morning watching
And then spend the afternoon watching

we also always spend New Year's morning watching the
before spending the first weekend in January at the
checking out the old, like this Car-of-the-Future from the 1960s
the fast, like this lovely Mazda
and finally, the sleek, like this I-don't-even-know what

In closing, I leave you with a pic taken in haste of our downtown at night with David, in the left bottom corner with Aaron not visible next to him, contemplating when the light might change because just across Santa Clara Street, with all the cars going vroom vroom, on San Pedro Square is the Cajun restaurant where we wish to dine. Actually, The Spaghetti Factory was our first choice but there was a two hour wait so, that really was a no-go.

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Let me tell you about last Friday night & you can decide.
National Theatre Live, if you haven't already head about them, you can find out more here, with the below as a brief summary taken from their site...

'National Theatre Live launched in June 2009 with a broadcast of the National Theatre production of Phèdre with Helen Mirren. We’ve since broadcast more than fourty other productions live, from both the National Theatre and from other theatres in the UK.

Our broadcasts have now been experienced by over 5.5 million people in over 2,000 venues around the world, including over 650 venues in the UK alone. Past broadcasts from the National Theatre have included Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller; War Horse; Man and Superman with Ralph Fiennes; and Everyman with Chiwetel Ejiofor.'
...has presented several productions in our area. In fact, Aaron and I saw Peter Boyle's Frankenstein at our local Century 21 movie theater at our local Oakridge Mall a couple of years ago. So, when I heard that NTL was going to present

at a much posher venue, The Hammer Theatre, I decided to get David involved and we all three had a terrific time. The cast was excellent, the stage design and music were excellent. Just everything in general was excellent. I swear Benedict is near tears through half of the production, an amazing performance. Left is from our seats before the start of the play/film while right is from the stairs into the lobby as we were leaving.

We arrived downtown early and so, after dinner, at a little hole-in-the-wall Iguanas Burritozilla, we wandered over to San Jose's annual for-over-25-years Christmas in the Park festivities.
          Below is a not-good photo of a vast number of little trees that local organizations, such as firestation, boy and girl scout troops, various elementary and middle schools etc, decorate

They take up half of the park with the other half taken up with displays and rides, the big tree and Santa's little cottage. Below are photo snagged from google images.

Cesar Chavez Park with Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in the forground.
I love palm trees wrapped with lights & the city tree with the ferris wheel.

A whirl-y twirl-y ride & Santa's Cottge.

And, finally, two of the many life-sized animate scenes.

So, what do you think? Is a film of a play, even if a really well done film, a film done by the very people who put on the play, still a play? I don't think so personally. I think you have to be breathing the very same air the actors are but still, these guys do a really good job bring culture to the (unwashed) masses. And that you're watching at the same time as many around the world are makes it feel quite special.



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