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This post is about making a committment that I've made to myself public because I read in an article in Medium that doing so would solidify that committment-to-myself and I think I believe that's true and for me this is about as public as it gets. I've long talked about my little project with Aaron, as it involves him but more on that later, and plan on 'going public' with both my bookclub and coffee klatch.soon-ish.

My committment is that I will finally create to completion, by January 2018, and publish on the Kindle platform, by February 2018, the children's book that has been floating around in my head for about a decade. It will be done with a fairly typical narration, a child's imaginative take on her world, but done, I think, with a fairly original illustration-style.

I have the outlining done, the formatting done, and the dialogue, 21 pages written drabble-style in order to restrict my tendency to over-write, done.

And now, I'm on to the illustrations. There will be 23 drawings in-total with 11 as 1-page spreads and 12 as 2-page spreads. I'm going to do three different illustration-styles each requiring different media. This is what is making me nervous especially since I don't draw from imagination and I think that what I hope to accomplish will require this skill.

I am planning on updating here periodically. I suppose I should make a committment as to when. How about once a month unless otherwise inidcated?

So ever onward! And thank you for your time.

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This is a short, 6 minute-esque, documentary wherein Carrey talks, sort of rivetingly, about what and why he paints while demonstrating the how. I hadn't seen his work prior to this article in artNetNews and I always worry how I will respond to work done by those who have been very successful in other arenas. In Carrey's case, I like very much what he's doing. Styalisticly, he's all over the place which is so cool because it means he's exploring, learning, having fun and isn't that what all this should be about anyway? That and hopefully having something to say.


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Thank you, Kinwad!!!

From YouTube:
Erin Mackey and Randy Harrison (Dot and George in SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE) perform "Move On" in the Guthrie recording studio, accompanied by Musical Director Mark Hartman. See them onstage in SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE

I'm including the painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, as well as an image, from  a different production, of the painting. I love the little cut-out animals!
          It adds a bit of poignancy when you realize that Georges Seurat only lived another five years after this painting was completed, dying at 32 years of age. You can't help but wonder what else he might have accomplished given the chance to grow into his mature style.




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Our local museum, the aptly named San Jose Museum of Art, hosts of monthly, Wendesday at nnon, hour-long Luncheon Lecture series each of which is tied into one of their current exhibitions. Aaron and I have been attending these fairly regularly of recent months, three I think in the past four months all tied to the exhibition Beauty_Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.
Last week's was Textile in Fashion and Beyond. Presented by Matt Gerring, instructor in the School of Fashion Merchandising, Academy of Art University, San Francisco who talked about trends in fabrics and fibers. Below: The 'crowd', the speaker, the museum -the old section and the new with sculpture.

Aaron, characteristically, took notes. His favorite takeaway:
Fashion, like other visual arts, allows us to find meaning in our own bodies, interactions, wider cultures and to explore beauty on an intimate level.
Not unreasonable that this should ressonate with a transmale :)

Mine: (And I'll explin in another post why this idea ressonates to me )
Beauty is an legitimate way to fight authoritarianism.



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