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...because tomorrow -- oh JOY!!!...oh JOY!!!
I post my Fourth [ profile] mission101 List!!!
Can ya stand it?

That which I have learned during this past year.

Book Readin': What that means to me.
It means ESCAPE!!! Escape...escape...escape and so, if I don't have a plan, I have come to realize, I will read and read and read, consequently, not getting much else done. At times, sparingly, and with novels, this is okay, but life needs to be lived and nonfiction is best read in small bits, not in one big gulp, so it can be better digested. It's not so much that I need to read less, it's just that I need to do other things more.

Routine: I needs one and big-time
If I know what comes nest, I will get it done. If I know I am to do X-amount of house-cleaning per day, and what that cleaning is before-hand, and so on, I will get it done. I've been trying to get this together for awhile, but it's all about refinement, right?
BEFORE, I had 'do this at 9am'...'do this at 10am' and so on. How I came to resent my own schedule!!!
NOW, I have a list of the tasks I want to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, with each task broken down into its component parts and with an estimate of how long each task should take, or be allowed, so I can mix & match my time. Included is everything from drawing to working on stories, from housework to yardwork, from email to Livejournal. Only time will tell, I've only just started this, but I have high hopes.

Drawing: That which I need to do and yet, that which I fail at the most
On my last list, I failed at maybe 8 or 9 tasks, 6 of which were drawings I didn't get done, I was supposed to do 9, I only did 3.
WHATTHEHELL??? A drawing is like a story, you can get stuck on it, not know where to go next, what to do with it next and so, the drawing, like the story, can just sit. And sit. And sit.
BEFORE: I got a fairly late start on even doing any drawing, then got 2 completed fairly quickly, one per month, and then, with the 3rd one, I got stuck and for three months it basically just sat. 
NOW: I already have 3 ideas, the materials for each ready and I am going to work on all 3 simultaneously so that if I should get stuck on one, I will have another one to go to. So simple.

I need to know where I'm going because if I don't, I am the kind of person who can easily lose time and what could have been accomplished during that time. I can very easily just drift. That's why [ profile] mission101, as I'm doing it, works so well for me. It doesn't allow me the opportunity to drift nearly so much as I am naturally inclined to do. And that's a good thing. I'm afraid I think you all find this fairly boring, still, I'll probably be posting more about my next one than I did the last. I find talking about tasks, even if only to myself, helps me clarify what I'm doing. Stick with me, 'k?

My big success, to me, from my last list was re-editing all of my QAF stories. Man, I had such a good time doing this. It was a blast!!! These stories had been written over a 5 year period, 2005 to 2010 and during that time, my writing IMO had improved. How fun it was to remake the older ones into the style of the newer ones. I've even included 4 or 5 stories from my own verse on the new list. Whether or not they'll ever be posted waits to be seen but at least, they will finally be finished.

See you on the flipside.
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Done is Done
even if a few days early
I have nothing else to contribute to this[ profile] mission101

I wove my life, for the past year, around making these things real )

And as if all this wasn't enough
I will be posting my next, my fourth,

[ profile] mission101 list in a few days

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Since I only give myself one year to complete my 101 tasks, at the end of March, I was half way done time-wise, which seemed a nice time to reevaluate my progress.

So far, I have three FAILS, but instead of leaving them as such, I've decided to change them to something hopefully doable.


10_Photography class
          Purchased a 3 hour class @ Citizen Space-San Jose from AmazonLocal
is a FAIL because I actually forgot to go...seriously.
It now is:
10_Read AND UNDERSTAND!!! the manual for my new-ish Nikon Coolpix L120
Should be helpful.
97_Weight Lose_4 times per month @ Right Stuff
Joining was Lauren's big idea and when she left me, well, I lost ALL my incentive, my problem not hers, still a BIG FAIL, soooo,
It now is:
97_Find an exercise program or two on OnDemand and participate two times per week_0/ 50

99_FreePoverty (water)_50,000 cups
I like these online charity game sites. I was really enjoying this one, I was actually learning geography stuff, but this became a FAIL when the site people changed the game to watching videos. It's a good deal, but not what I want to do.
It now is:
99_Charitii's crossword puzzle_50,000 square inches of rainforest for The Nature Conservancy.
I have no idea how much acreage that is or how much I can do in six months, but it's a start and they have a few other charities you can play for.

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1_Weekend in Sacramen_Crocker Museum_Capitol Building_Governor's Mansion_Old Town
2_Day in San Francisco_Weinstein Gallery: Surrealism: New Worlds & dinner at Fisherman's Wharf
          This gallery is like a little museum with 3 floors of gallery space located across from Union Square
3_Day in  Mountain View_Computer History Museum
4_Dinner_Combined Cindy & Gayle birthdays at Red Lobster...nom nom nom
5_ A Christmas Carol @ the Rep & dinner at PF Changs
6. San Jose Car Show & dinner @ Eulipia Cafe

1_Pick one/ more than one Mercury News WishBook participant(s)
          This is something our newspaper does where a few times a week throughout December stories are published about local people who have fallen, for many different reasons, on hard times with a request for donations for generallly very specific reasons.
2_Buy food to donate at Luckys 3 times
          Luckys put their food collection barrels at the exit door and so, we just kept forgetting :(
3_December_Donor’s Choose_Pick a classroom
          We picked a classroom where the teacher needed materials to create posters to display around their school encouraging recycling.
4_Create Christmas ornaments_3/ 3
5_Christmas cards_Livejournal friends_RL friends

VIEWING_TV or DVDs_8/ 10
1_Harry Potter marathon_8/ 8_So so so cool!!!
2_Clockwork Orange_Instant Play
3_One Flew Over the Cuckoo ’s Nest_Instant Play

4_Cowboys and Aliens_On Demand
5_Merlin_S3_13/ 13
          This was a lovely surprise as we didn't know the 3rd season was on Instant Play until after Lauren had come home.
6_Sense & Sensibility_Instat_Alan Rickman!!!!!
7_The Help_DVD
8_Silence of the Lambs_OnDemand
10_Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol_Lauren_movie theater with dad

1_Remove snake plants from 2 pots
          This was hard as those plants had lived within their pots for probably 15 years and were in no mood to leave them, but, we prevailed!!!
2_Plant 2 new plants into snake plants’ containers

BUY_8/ 9
1_Lauren jeans_2
2_Harry Potter Lego DS game
4_Hallway bathroom light fixture
5_hardware for cabinet
6_David Christmas stuff
7_potting soil for plants
8_Grandma Lucy & Elba_Lucy_Robe-Lucy & Elba_Harry & David candy_nom nom nom I have to assume :D
9_David Manicure Kit

TASKS_6/ 6
1-Bank_billing checking account
2_Friday December 23rd @11:30am_Nails
3_Tuesday December 27th @ 9:30pm_Dentist
4_ Tuesday December 27 @ 11:00_facial/ brows
5_Wednesday December 28 @ 10:30_Hair
6_Aaron Brothers
          Gayle's Miro print
          Lauren's Harry Potter print

During all this, Lauren was fairly sick for a week and a half, which allowed us the time for a lot of the TV and movie viewing. Her last full day here, she and I watched 'Sense & Sensability' and 'The Help' while munching on treats and drinking tea from an honest and truely tea pot, which she'd wanted us to find from the first day she's come home and which we finally did find on her second to last day here.

And, since he also had a month off, David decided to buy new office furniture and to move his office, at my suggestion, from the bedroom it currents occipies to the hardly-ever-used 'living room'. Some of you may remember this as the staging area for Lauren's dorm things before she left for UCSanta Cruz. The plan is to turn the bedroom into a work area for me with a bed, making it a kind of guestroom as well, which we've never had. Photos to come should this project ever actually get completed.

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For me, making a list is a very democratic way of dealing with tasks that need to be done because, once listed, each takes on an equal weight however long that task may take, from several house to a whole year, to complete.
For me, it's all the same

I learned this doing the Summer List with Lauren.
Every task started out as BLACK.
Once it was started or the next one up to be started, we changed its color to BLUE.
Once it  was completed, we changed its color to GRAY.
And if it was a fail, we changed it to RED.
What started becoming important was the changing of the colors, I wanted ALL the tasks, again-no matter how big or how small, to be GRAY and that was the goal we worked towards, but even more important really, was having the next task-to-do in BLUE. Scanning the list, seeing the blues gave us direction, we knew what our next task was and so, we did it, whether making an appointment, watching a movie or going somewhere, we just kept making BLACK things BLUE and BLUE things GRAY. Easy-peasy.

So to summarize:
List One, which lasted 1 year, helped me to organize our life, while
List Two, which lasted 9 months, helped me to routine-ize our life, while
The Summer List was just about Lauren and me, but so that ultimately with
List Three, I could be at a place where PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I can do my art, where I can have the time to do my freakin' art. I must, I will.
Meaning ultimately, it's all about #31 below.

That having been said, on with the show, which actually doesn't begin until October 1st

I will weave my life, for the next year, around making these things real )

Thanks for stopping by :D


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